Just an interesting note. Quite often when you make a call to a help desk for your computer or other forms of electronics you are connected with someone who obviously has English as a second, third… language. Many of the larger companies are now off-shoring their customer service. Cheap labor can be found in man of the developing countries including the DR.

I read one report on the subject where it was stated that call center agents make $460-$640 US Dollars per month in Santiago and about $750 per month in Santo Domingo. While this isn’t considered a great wage by US standards compared to the $10 per day most workers in the compos and fields get or about $200 per month textile workers get in the cities, it’s pretty good. Likely one of the main reasons for so many younger ones moving to the cities.

One of the keys to working for a call center is the ability to speak English. While the standards of Xerox may be a bit higher, while driving up to Santiago there are call center building with large banners that are in English that read “If you can read this, you can get a job here!”. Not exactly the highest of qualifications.

It’s also interesting to note some of the advertised job benefits. Like food subsidies and door to door transportation as well as vacation bonus.

So, next time you talk to someone over the phone for tech support, you never know, you might be talking to someone in the DR.