When you’re sitting in the Caribbean sipping your Rum and Coke or Pina Colada you really don’t expect to be thinking about how a snow storm is going to affect your vacation. That is until you remember your return flight or flight taking to the Dominican Republic takes you through New York. As of noon today (Friday the 8th of Feb) over 3000 flights were canceled around the New York and Boston areas (over 1000 in New York Alone) with more than 60 airports already affected. And at this point the storm has just begun. This affects all flights going to New York from Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, La Romana, Santiago, and Puerto Plata.

The main snowfall from winter storm Nemo is expected to come in the late afternoon to early evening and things are expected to taper off by noon Saturday.
JFK Friday Morning

My wife and I were sitting in the airport in New York this morning hoping our flight was going to make it out before the winter storm Nemo hit. As we watched the snow starting to fall many of our fellow passengers were starting to get anxious. By 7am in the morning airport employees were starting to mention the possibilities of delays and cancellations of flight within the next new hours.
Something else you don’t often see at the airports in the Dominican Republic are planes sitting in a gauntlet of left trucks spraying down the place with antifreeze to de-ice the plane. During the pre-flight and loading of the plane ice started to form on the wings making the “plane wash station” necessary.

New York and Boston area power outages

Along with the heavy snow that is expected, over 50 mph winds could hit areas of Boston and New York. The heavy winds and wet heavy snow is expected to cause down power lines along with power outages in many areas.

A state of emergency has already been called for the New York area. Due to the large number of Dominicans living in the area this storm worrying many in the DR as they consider how their relatives will be affected by what is expected to be to be one of the top 10 storms to have affected the area.

Snow levels are expected to reach 1-4 feet. This means if there is a power outage in an area it could mean a couple days before services can be restored. This could likely also affect communication services in the areas hardest hit making it difficult to check in on family members.