Wind Telecom is one of the newer providers of telecommunication services in the Dominican Republic. Wind provides some of the fastest high speed internet in the DR at some of the lowest prices. Wind telecom started in Santo Domingo and is at this time limited to only a few of the largest cities, although they are expanding rapidly to cover more area. I have several friends that are fortunate enough to have Wind in their area. Wind provides much faster high speed internet than Claro at a considerably lower price.

Wind 4G coverage is currently available in Santiago, Moca, La Romana, San Cristo, San Francisco de Macoris and in several barrios in Santo Domingo Hato Nuevo, Bayona, Cuidad Agraria, and Los Alcarrizos. Wind is working on moving into La Vega.

Wind Telecom can combine television, high speed internet and phone into one service

Available Equipment

  • 4GB – Uses a USB modem. This is the easiest connection to make. Plug it into a USG port, it downloads the program to run, and start using it. This has the advantage of being powered by the laptop it is connected to so it is highly portable. The drawback is it would need an expternal wireless router if you want to share the internet.
  • 4 Surf – This is a desktop style modem which requires a steady source of power (110 V). If you plan on sharing the connection you will need to attach a wifi router using the ethernet port. This unit also has a standard phone jack (RJ-11) so you can connect a voice line (phone)
  • 4 Surf-i – All the features of the 4 Surf but with two ethernet ports and a built wifi so no external wifi router is needed to share your internet connection..
  • 4All and 4All 2 – These are portable hot-spot modems. These modem/wifi routers have internal batteries so they can be used with our without electrical connections (110). These smaller wifi/routers usually have a smaller transmit range so connected computers need to be closer to the router. The 4All is the smaller of the two routers, its internal battery will last about 5 hours. The 4All 2 is a little larger and uses a battery capable of 10 hours of use. The wifi will connect computers up to 30 feet away if there are no obstructions. Walls and other obstructions greatly reduce the range. This device is suitable for both PC and Mac users.

Wind Telecom Main Office

27 de Febrero Esquina Isabel Aguiar, Herrera.
Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana