(8/19/14) If you are one of the many people using services like EPS to have things shipped to the Dominican Republic you have no doubt been watching with interest the news about the new tax that is suppose to be applied to all online-line purchases.  Well, the good news for now is that the Superior Administrative Tribunal (TSA) has accepted an appeal against the Customs Department (DGA) which has at least for now stopped the tax from being applied.

My biggest worry about this on-line purchase tax was that it would be another reason for customs to open packages and apply random import taxes. At times these import taxes can cost more that what the package is actually worth. While I don’t often buy things online to have them shipped here it is nice to have the option and EPS has worked well for that.

One other expense though to be cautious of. Recently I tried having something shipped through EPS, some whipped cream chargers that someone wanted to have shipped here to make a wedding cake. We we found out that these are considered “Restricted Products”. While EPS was willing to ship them the cost would be $205 USD for the $24 USD worth of product. That didn’t include any additional import taxes and online taxes that might have been added once it got to Santo Domingo.

Looks like that package is just going to be donated to EPS, because there appears to be no way of returning it and it isn’t worth the extra costs. Bottom line, besure of the costs before you have anything shipped to the Dominican Republic.