The latest in a barrage of tropical storms is heading in the direction of the DR. While it already has 65 mile per hour winds it is rather disorganized and does not appear to be likely to turn into a hurricane.

It’s current direction gives the impression it will likely head well north of the DR and will only bless us with some more rain. We should be starting to feel the affects of the storm late Saturday to Sunday. Don’t cancel your beach plans for the weekend yet, Ophelia is expected to weaken over the course of the next few days.

We are planning a trip to Puerto Plata this weekend and are hoping it will die down considerably. We will be taking advantage to the $11 per night All Inclusive deal offered by for the Lifestyles resort. We’ve already taken advantage of the deal once this year but it’s a little hard to resist going again.

If you are wanting to try out Lifestyles Resort you should know that if you go through they automatically upgrade you to the VIP package, which is by far the best deal. You have to plan on at least 4 nights. In our case we only want to stay for three, but we booked 4 in order to get the special price. For 4 people 3 nights was over $500 dollars where with 4 nights (and the Special) it dropped to about $175 after taxes etc.