Hurricane Irene

Projected Path of Irene

Looks like the DR has it’s next tropical storm lined up. This one is called Irene and is expected to pass over the DR  on Monday Aug 22. reports that there is the possibility that this storm will turn into a Cat 1 hurricane ad it passes over on its way to Florida.

With a Cat 1 hurricane the predicted 1 minute maximum sustained winds would reach 74-95 mph.  The current prediction has the storm passing directly through the middle of the Dominican Republic.

There is also a Hurricane watch for Puerto Rico. Irene is expected to weaken to a storm as it finishes it’s pass over the Dominican Republic.

As of 11 am the Dominican Government changed its tropical storm warning to a hurricane warning that is expected to affect the north coast of the DR from Cabo Engano to Cabo Frances Viejo. This hurrcane warning is posted on the website.

As usually it’s probably best to make sure you have a couple days worth of water and a little extra food on hand in case the prediction comes true.  I’ll be continuing to update this blog past as the storm comes closer.