Tropical  Stom BerthaGood news for the drought stricken Dominican Republic. We finally have a we storm coming our way. Bertha which is only the second named tropical storm this year has already provided a little water over the last couple days and the center is expected to make landfall over the eastern Dominican Republic.

For the next 36 hours it is noe expected for tropical Storm Bertha to increase or decrease in strength that include as it passes over the Dominican Republic mountains.

After passing over the Dominican Republic the storm is expected to become a hurricane for a short time, although it is possible for Tropical Storm Bertha to degenerate into a tropical wave. either way it looks to be a wet one while passing over the Dominican Republic and will hopefully ease some of the drought.

At this point Tropical Storm Bertha is not expected to cause flight delays to the major airports  in Santiago (STI), Santo Domingo (Las Americanas SDQ), La Romana (LRM), Punta Cana (PUJ) or Puerto Plato (Gregorio Luperón International Airport  POP).