If you have spent much time in the Dominican Republic you probably know that the dream of almost every young Dominican is to make it to the Majors. Baseball is considered a dream ticket out of poverty in the DR. With that dream comes dedication and practice, just about every little community and town has at least one baseball diamond and usually many more fields marked out for the kids to play on. The results are obvious; Major League baseball is packed with Dominicans that have made it. Some that make it to the Big League look back at their hometown and decide to try to make a difference.

Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz recently made the commitment to help out his community with a “new” fire truck. Well, not really a “new” truck it’s actually an older one which works out better here because it take much less training to operate it. While that may seem like an unusual choice of donation it is actually pretty smart. Money can be easily used for other purposes and fire equipment is sorely lacking here. This can be seen by the fire in Las Terrenas where 16 businesses burnt down while waiting for a truck to make it over the hill from Samana.

Outfielder Nelson Cruz was originally signed on by the New York Mets before being traded to the Oakland Athletics. In 2004 Cruz went to the Milwaukee Brewers and played the 2005 and most of the 2006 season before being acquired by the Texas Rangers July 28 of 2006, the club where he still plays. So far this year (Sept 2012) he has a .267 batting average with 128 home runs and 407 runs batted in on 647 hits.

The fire truck as well as two ambulances will soon be shipped to La Matas de Santa Cruz in the north-west corner of the Dominican Republic. La Matas de Santa Cruz is one of the largest cities in the Monte Criste province of the Dominican Republic with a population of about 18,750 as per the latest census.