Tropical Storm Michael map 9-4-12

Tropical Storm Michael 9-4-12

(9/4/12) The latest tropical storm to hit the Atlantic has been named. Tropical storm Michael formed in the eastern Atlantic this morning.

The cyclone has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph and is moving north by north-west at 5 miles per hour. The storm is currently located about 1220 miles south-west of the Azores.

There is little chance of this storm causing trouble to any land masses as Tropical Storm Michael starts moving northward over the next couple days.

Tropical Storm force winds are extending 35 miles out from the center of the storm with little change in strength expected over the over the next 48 hours.

9/6/12 Category 3 Hurricane

The 5 am update on 9/6/12 upgraded Hurricane Michael to a category 4 hurricane making it the first this year. A category 3 hurricane is a hurricane with maximum sustained winds between 111mph and 130 mph. Category 3, 4 and 5 hurricanes are considered major hurricane.

This strengthening happened very quickly. Hurricane Michael had just strengthened to a category 2 hurricane a 1am AST this morning (9/6/12)

Tropical Storm Leslie 9-3-12

Tropical Storm Leslie 9-3-12

(8/30/12) Tropical Storm Leslie formed about 1125 miles East of the Windward islands on Aug 30, 2012. Between 8/30 and 9/1 Leslie strengthened to have maximum sustained winds of about 70 mph.

Leslie passed 295 miles north of the leeward islands on Sept 2 with maximum sustained winds of 65 miles per hour with tropical storm force winds extending outward up to 205 miles from the center of the storm.

As of 9/3/12 Leslie had weakened to 65 mph winds. Swells generated by the storm could affect portions of the leeward island, Puerto Rico and could affect the Virgin Islands in the next day or two.

The current path of Tropical Storm Leslie is pointing it toward the Bermuda islands.

9/5/12 Now Hurricane Leslie

At 1:45 pm AST on 9/5/12 Tropical Cyclone Leslie was upgraded to a hurricane making Hurricane Leslie the 6th hurricane of the season. Maximum sustained winds are now at 75 mph. Hurricane Leslie is now located 465 mile south south-east of Bermuda and moving at 2 mph.

Hurricane Leslie 9/5/12

Tropical Storm Kirk 8/29/12

Tropical Storm Kirk 8/29/12

(8/28/12) Tropical storm Kirk formed well out into the Atlantic Ocean. There are no dangers to land and the predicted direction of the storm makes it so there is little possibility that there will be in the future.

Tropical storm Kirk currently has maximum sustained winds of 45 mph and is moving in a north north-west direction at 12 mph. A gradual strengthening is expected over the next 24 hours.

Area of Isaac tropical storm winds 8/24/12 8am

Area of Isaac tropical storm winds 8/24/12 8am

(8/24/12) After a relatively peaceful night in the DR Tropical Storm Isaac’s storm force winds have reached the coast of the Dominican Republic. Wind speeds are considerably lower than predicted with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph instead of the expected 75+ mph hurricane force winds.

Tropical Storm Force Winds Reach the Coast

As seen from the illustration the 50mph winds (area in orange) are up against the southern coast of the Dominican Republic as of 8am Friday morning with the general path of the storm moving in a westernly direction. Later today the path of the storm is expected to return to it’s west by northwest direction taking it over a portion of Haiti.

It was expected that Tropical Storm Isaac would have gathered considerably more strength by this time. At this point the hurricane warnings and watches have been dropped for the Dominican Republic leaving only tropical storm warnings, although there is still a hurricane watch for Haiti.

Preparation for Isaac


Tropical Storm Joyce 8/23/12

Tropical Storm Joyce 8/23/12

(8/23/12) While the Dominican Republic is bracing itself in preparation of Tropical Storm (soon to be hurricane?) Isaac, the next storm forms in it’s tail. Tropical Storm Joyce has strengthened to 40 mph maximum sustained winds and is about 1305 miles from the leeward islands.

Joyce is moving in a west-northwest direction at 17 mph. Sorm force winds are reaching out about 60 miles from the center and there is little chance of a change in strength over the next 48 hours.

One interesting point to note, Joyce ties the second-earliest formation of the tenth named tropical storm of a season. In 2005 tropical storm Jose formed on the 22 of August, 2005.

At this point Joyce is no threat to land.

Due to the hurricane predictions for Tropical Storm Isaac, JetBlue is allowing for a fee waver for passengers that want to make flight changes to and from Punta Cana, Santiago, Santo Domingo, Puerto Plato, and La Romana.

Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to have hurricane force winds by the time it reaches the Dominican Republic later today causing delays to flights to Dominican international Airports.

For more information on JetBlues ticket fee waver you can go to (more…)

Map of Tropical Storm Issac 8/22/12

Map of Tropical Storm Issac 8/22/12

(8/21/12) Tropical Storm Issac is moving up through the leeward islands on a direct course to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The storm is expected to pass by Puerto Rico Thursday and start affecting the Dominican Republic Thursday evening to early Friday.

As of the 2pm AST report on wed, aug 22 the center of tropical storm Issaac is about to pass over the leeward islands with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph.

Isaac Reaches the Dominican Republic

We’ve started a new post with the updated information on Tropical Storm Isaac once it reached the Dominican Republic. Check Isaac hits the Dominican Republic for the latest information.

Isaac Hurricane watch as of 8/22/12

Isaac is expected to reach hurricane strength as it is passing by Puerto Rico Thursday. There is a Hurricane watch for Puerto Rico, Vieques, culebra and the US and British Virgin Islands.

There is also a hurricane watch for the entire southern coast of the Dominican Republic from Isal Saona west to Haiti including La Romana, Boca Chica and Santo Domingo.

Isaac Tropical Storm Watch

The entire north Coast of the Dominican Republic is under a Tropical Storm Watch (more…)

Tropical Storm Gordon 8-16-2012

Tropical Storm Gordon 8-16-2012

(8/16/2012) The national Weather Service named a new tropical storm today. Tropical storm Gordon could become a hurricane over the weekend but is very unlikely to affect the Dominican Republic.

Tropical Storm Gordon is currently about 585 miles East of Bermuda and is heading NNE at 14mph. This puts the storm heading our into open waters of the North Atlantic over the next couple days. At this time the only possible threat is to people in Azores and this area is encouraged to monitor the progress of the storm.

While Gordon only has maximum sustained winds of about 40mph at this time and is considered a small cyclone with tropical storm force winds reaching out about 25 miles. It is expected that Gordon will increase in strength and could become a hurricane over the weekend.

Tropical Storm Florence

Tropical Storm Florence 8/3/12

(8/4/12) With Tropical Storm Ernesto still on its way past the Dominican Republic another storm has reached sufficient strength to become a named storm. Tropical Storm Florence is clocking in with maximum sustained wind speeds of 50 mph.

No Coastal Watches or warnings in Effect

At this point Tropical Storm Florence is quite a ways from land. As seen from the image it will be several days before the storm gets anywhere near the DR. In the next day or two it is expected Florence will start moving in western heading building up strength so that it is expected to reach hurricane strength in the same period of time.

While it is pretty early to know for sure it is expected that Tropical Storm Florence will pass to the North of Puerta Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Tropical Storm Ernesto

Tropical Storm Ernesto - 1100 AM AST

(8/3/12) Another tropical storm is passing through the caribbean and is brushing up against the Southern part of the Dominican Republic. Tropical Storm Ernesto is moving at about 21 mph with maximum sustained winds of 50mph.

At this point the storm is heading away from the windward islands and all tropical storm warnings have been discontinued. While the storm is moving away the DR could still continue to feel the tropical storm force winds which are extending outward up to 85 miles from the center of Ernesto.

For areas in the path of the storm: It is expected that the intensity will remain the same through out today with some strengthening expected later. By this time the storm should be moving away from the DR and into the gulf.

There is still a possiblity of rainfall accumulations to reach 2-3 inches and up to 5 inches in isolated areas.

Tropical Storm Ernesto map as of 8/6/12 (more…)

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