If you book your vacation the right way you can literally save $1000’s.

These are not tricks or sketchy ways of saving money by staying in some dump or risking your life. These are tips to take the same awesome vacation, at the same luxury resort as everybody else, but for much, much less money.

I’ve used these tips myself and I have saved $1000’s on flights and resort packages.

Beach in the Dominican Republic
Tip #1 – Time Your Flight Right


Prices on flights can change drastically depending on the time of year and day of the week you are flying.

When I book round trip flights to the Dominican Republic from California I have seen prices range from over $1050 to $550 per person depending on timing. I save more or less $550 each time I fly just by timing my flights correctly.

For a family of 4 that would be $2200 in savings just by planning your flight dates the smart way.


When NOT to Fly:

  • School vacations. Winter, summer and spring break
  • Christmas and Thanksgiving in particular.

Everybody is flying during this time of year which causes airline prices to skyrocket.


When to Fly:

  • February to May (not including spring break)
  • September to November (not including Thanksgiving)

Ticket sales are down this time of year which causes airline prices to hit rock bottom.


What Days of the Week Should I Book Flights?

Believe it or not the day of the week you fly can change ticket prices by 100’s of dollars.


Worst Days to Fly:

  • Friday
  • Sunday
  • Monday

Avoid like the plague Friday, Sunday and Monday. These are the days everyone wants to fly.

The result: Prices go through the roof.


Best Days to Fly:

  • Wednesday
  • Saturday

Wednesday and Saturday are awesome. All my cheapest flights have been on Wednesday and Saturday.

I have seen ticket prices $200 or $300 lower on Wednesday and Saturday than the rest of the week.


Tip #2 – Book Resorts for the Off Season


The time of the year also makes a big difference on the types of prices you will find on resort packages. You will be hard pressed to find a deal during the high season.

The low season is the best time to find those unbelievable deals. I have found resort packages for as cheap as 80% off during the low season. I have paid $30 dollars a night for a resort packages that usually cost $150. For a week that is the difference between $210 and $1050.

That is a $840 cheaper per person. For a family of 4 that is a $3360 savings!

Granted deals like that can be hard to find, but 40% to 60% off deals can be found around every corner during the low season.


Worst Times to Go to a Resort:

  • November to February
  • June to August
  • Holidays (Especially Spring Break)

Fortunately, like you probably already figured out more or less the same times of year when flights are expensive, resorts are expensive as well. You can kill two birds with one stone by avoiding these expensive travel dates.


Best Times to Go to a Resort:

  • September & October
  • March to May

September, October, March, April and May are generally the low times for resorts and there are great deals on resorts all over the place for these months.

Let’s review the tips that will help you to save money on your next vacation.


To Save 1000’s on Your Next Dominican Vacation:

  1. Book flights for Wednesdays or Saturdays and avoid holidays
  2. Book Resorts for dates during September, October, March, April and May

I have personally used these tips many times and I have saved $1000’s on flights and resorts just by booking the right dates.

Play it smart, use these tips and you can save 1000’s on your next vacation.