With the latest set of immigration laws that have been passed in the Dominican Republic many “staycationers” are finding that if they want to stay here (at least legally) they need to get residency. While I’m not a lawyer you might find my recent experiences with the immigration office to be useful.

New laws passed in January 2012

First, what has changed? In the past when a foreigner first came to the DR they needed to buy a tourist visa. That pretty much meant that you walk up to a counter, pay $10 US dollars to get a little card. You then walk across the room and give the card to someone else and go on your way. This tourist visa was good for the next 30 days. This appears to still be the same. One thing that has changed is if you were charged the tourist tax or tourist visa with your plane ticket and you are exempt you can get a refund. Dominican Republic refunds of Tourist Card Visa

After 30 days you then went to the immigration office and paid for a 3 month extension. (more…)