We had a fairly good size earthquake in the DR this morning. While I didn’t feel it in Fantino. It was felt from Via Gonzalas north to Puerto Plata.

Magnitude 4.3
Date-Time 22 Nov 2013 23:24:47 UTC
Location 19.719N 70.816W
Depth 13 km
• 4 km (2 mi) SSE of Imbert, Dominican Republic
• 15 km (9 mi) WSW of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
• 18 km (11 mi) NNE of Villa Bisono, Dominican Republic
• 19 km (11 mi) N of Villa Gonzalez, Dominican Republic
• 160 km (99 mi) NNW of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

We just had a moderate earthquake in the Dominican Republic. A 5.1 earthquake shook the area around the Coutui, San Francisco, Fantino area this morning at around 10am with the epicenter in Las Guaranas between Angelina and Pimentel. I’ve felt 3 tremors so far this morning, one of them came with a sharp jolt in the middle of the trembling.

This is the first stronger quake I’ve felt here since the one that hit Port-au-Prince Haiti in 2010. While small quakes in the 3.1 – 3.3 range are very frequent in the Punta Cana, ahd Higuey, we don’t often fell them in the middle of the country.

That I have seen in this area there has been little or no (more…)

Well, did the shaker wake you up? At about 2:40 this morning (8/4/12) we had another earthquake in the DR that made it over 4.0. The 4.3 earthquake was centered about 7km NNW of Piedra Blanca. That made it about 8km ESE of Bonao, 23km South of Fantino, 24km SouthWest of Cotui or 58km Northwest of Santo Domingo. Basically, if you draw a straight line from Santo Domingo to Santiago and find the point on the line directly in the middle of the two cities, you will be pretty close.

Personally, I slept through this one. and didn’t know it happened until I got the report from the National Earthquake Information Center, US Geological Survey.

So far there have been no damage or injury reports and I am guessing that this quake was too small to cause any real damage.

There have been a few more earth quakes in the Dominican Republic. The latest happened just a few minutes ago at about 4:50 pm. This quake could be felt in the Le Vega Cotui area.

Nothing too bad here just enough to be noticeable. As I collect more information on the epicenter I’ll post it on this thread.

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