#1 Spanish Present Indicative Verb Tense

The Spanish Present indicative verb tense is one of the most commonly used Spanish Tenses. While it is normally used for the present, it can also be used in the present and past at times for a particular emphasis.

  • Present: Estoy cansado – I am tired
  • Habitual: Leo la Biblia cada día.  – I read the bible each day.
  • Permanent truth: Cinco menos dos son tres –  Five minus two is three
  • Emphasis: when talking of past – Tiene Miedo – He was scared
  • Near future: He llega mañana – He arrives tomorrow.
  • Started in the past but continues to now. Often uses Hace: Hace tres horas que miro la television.  – I’ve been watching TV for three hours
  • Almost or nearly when used with Por Poco:  Por Poco me matan – They almost killed me.