Have you ever felt like a T.V. program or a radio station turns up the volume of their commercials? Sound cars are exactly what they sound like cars that make sound. You will hear one here even if you are here for only a week or two. These cars are exactly like the T.V. commercials except that they take it to a whole new level.

The sound cars are usually advertizing anything that you can imagine. You’ll hear them talking about a new type of deodorant or a promotion that they have in one of the different cell phone companies. You can often hear them belting out Claro promotions.

Sound cars are one of the more important forms of advertisement here. This is because many of the people here are too poor to have a TV where you would see your normal forms of ads trying to get you to buy their product. This is the same problem for radios which can end up costing about twice the amount that you would pay for them in the United States.

Sound cars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You could start out with just a small car with a ton of speakers on it, to a large truck roughly the size of a grocery store delivery truck. When you find them this large you will find that they use a set of very large speakers about six feet+ tall. One thing that you might read about in other articles is their repair work here, usually done with what they have. But, there is a definite exception to their speaker systems. They take great care into their speaker sets here. A single truck filled with speakers could cost a few thousand dollars if not more.

Usually these truck or cars are really loud. Most likely, you will be able to hear them down the street and even about three or four streets away. When walking by a sound car, you can often feel the bass traveling through your body, completely shaking you and sometimes scaring you. There are even a few people that have to cover their ears because the advertisement or music, sometimes both, is so loud.

So here in the Dominican Republic there are many things that differ from the states and from Europe as well. Here is just another one that is very common here and not so much in other countries.