Sosua Beach Chairs Umbrella
The Shoestring Beach Scene

If the daily reports of bombings, massacres, and other catastrophes on the news have you down, and your work schedule has you stressed, maybe you need a little vacation. Your wallet is somewhat economically challenged you say? I know the feeling. That is why I’m taking the time out to write about my last vacation at a lovely little beachside town called Sosua, located on the north coast of this island I call home. The fact that it’s inexpensive, accessible, and a beautiful beach, makes Sosua one of my favorite vacation spots whether it be for a day trip, weekend, or longer.

Package Deals

If you are flying from overseas, a package deal is what my friends have found to be the best bargain. A flight alone is between $400.00-700.00us. But, a package deal including the flight and accommodations (for a two week stay) will cost from $400.00-$800.00us, depending on the season. Two weeks on the beach for the price of the plane ticket – not bad at all. Many of these packages even include a shuttle from the airport to the resort, allowing you to avoid the sometimes pesky negotiation process with a taxi driver on how to get there.

Public Transportation

If you are already on the island, or an adventurous shoestringer, you will find that this is your kind of beach because transportation is close. Caribe Tours and Metro, two of the most used interisland transportation lines, each have a stop within walking distance of hotels and the beach. Personally, Caribe Tours is my favorite of the two, since leaves you off a bit nearer to the beach and it has buses coming and going at hour intervals all day, making it perfect for the day trips I tend to take.


When you get tired of lying on the beach, go take a walk along the shops that line the beach and peruse their wares. You’ll find a variety of painted scenes that show the colors that characterize Dominican life in everything from the clothes they wear to the shades they paint their houses. There is also an assortment of jewelry made of silver, amber, larimar (a sky blue stone unique to the Dominican Republic), and the shell of coconut – sold at prices you wouldn’t find anywhere else. But, whatever you buy, be prepared to haggle the price down! No self respecting salesman is going to give you the bottom line price straight off.

Sosua Beach Umbrella

The restaurants are located between the shops, and the hotels and resorts, an arraignment that is just perfect for a leisurely stop on the way to back “home” for an afternoon siesta.

If you’re hungry and don’t feel like leaving the beach to eat, you don’t have to. Feel free to stay in your lounge chair and have ribs, the “bandera” (the traditional Dominican lunch that consists of baked, or fried, chicken, beans, rice and salad), or the dish of the day (usually fish), brought out to you.

Feeling a little more adventurous? Then you should walk a block down to the main road and catch a “guagua” (bus) to Cabarete, about a 30 minute ride, and eat at one of the lovely outdoor restaurants sprinkled among the palm trees that line the beach there. I recommend Casanova as a place to start – and make sure to get there between 4-6pm for happy hour – then you can get everything for half off!

So, now you know everything you need to have an inexpensive and enjoyable beach vacation. Now all you have to do is go and have fun!