Sosua Beach Hotels

Sosua Beach Hotels

Sosua is a small town on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic about 25 miles from the city of Puerto Plata and only a few miles from the Puerto Plata International airport. Being that it is much closer to the Puerto Plata Airport than the city of Puerto Plata is, it is the logical choice when choosing a hotel near where you are flying in. My family has chosen this as our favorite beach so far in our travels in the DR.

It is only a few minutes walk from most of the hotels to the beach. The walk is a perfect opportunity to fill a small ice chest with a few things before heading to the beach. While there are many stores right at the beach, as well as restaurants and just about everything else, we have found that the prices for bottles of beer, water and other items are about double once you touch the sand so you might as well carry in your first round or two.

This beach has plenty of shade trees lining the beach giving you places to get out of the hotter noonday sun, while still being right near the water. Unlike Boca Chica beach if you want to use the lounge chairs on the beach you have to pay for them as well as buying drinks from the guy that will be serving you. Now this isn’t necessarily a real bad thing, but it is a good idea to negotiate before you sit down. Typically, if they are not too filled up you can negotiate just buying one drink per lounge chair and not also paying for the chair, but work that out ahead of time.

Presidente (one of the top beers) is about $80 pesos (a little over $2.00 USD) for the small and about $120 (about $3.00 USD) for the large. They give you small plastic cups to drink from so you can share. If you don’t plan on either chugging the beer or sharing it, I would advise the small. Who wants to drink warm beer (ok other than you Germans in the crowd).

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Prices are always negotiable, especially if they have many rooms open. Don’t be shy about asking for a lower rate. Here is a list of Hotels in Sosua:

Hotel Casa Marina Beach
El Baley, Sosua
(809) 571-3690‎
Villa Antonia
(809) 571-1039
Villa Antonia Hotel Review
Hotel Casa Marina Reef Hotel Sosua
(809) 571-3535‎

Hotel Victorian House
Calle Alejo Marinez No1, Sosua
(809) 571-4000‎
Sea Horse Ranch‎
(809) 571-2880
Casa Valeria Hotel & Restaurant‎
Calle Dr. Rosen 28, Sosua
(809) 571-3565‎
Hotel Amhsa Casa Marina Reef
‎(809) 571-3535
Club Residencial‎
Avd.pedro Clisante, Sosua
(609) 571-3675
Villa Flor
Ayuntamiento, Sosúa
(809) 571-1093
Piergiorgio Palace Hotel Hotel Casa Cayena‎
Calle Dr. Rosen 25, Sosua
(809) 571-2651
Grand Paradise Bavaro
El Baley, Sosua
(809) 571-3690
Sosua by the Sea
Calle Bruno Philip
(809) 571-3222
Perla De Sosua
Calle Sanchez Numero 7, Sosua
(702) 258-7376
Hotel la Esplanada‎
Pedro Clisante, Sosua
Casa Marina Beach Resort
Dr.Alejo Martinez, Sosúa
(809) 571-3690
Hotel El Colibri
Calle Pedro Clisante 141, Sosua
(809) 571-1847
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