OK, this one probably isn’t for everyone. However if you are living in the DR with your family it might be an idea. Connect a projector to your computer when you are trying to do group (family) conferencing with Skype.

My family uses laptops with relativity smaller screens. At times when we Skype family or friends back home we find ourselves crowding in front of a laptop trying to get everyone in front of the camera and at an angle where we can all see the screen. Not a big deal for a few minutes but can get a little tiring after a while. That is where a projector comes in.

Many projectors can easily be connected to a laptop computer making it so you can project whatever is on the computer screen onto a wall, that means large high resolution video games, movies, and of course Skype conversations. There are a few things you need to consider before picking one up though. Best Skype Projectors has a bullet point list of considerations while choosing a projector.

There are a few other things to consider for use in the Dominican Republic. The biggest one is power. Most projectors are higher wattage units. It is unlikely that you would be able to use a projector on a Inversor and battery setup. A typical refrigerator runs on about 160 watts going up to 230 watts or so when in defrost mode. Most of the projectors I have seen run at 250 watts or higher, this is due to the power required to produce a bright screen. That kind of wattage will chew up your batteries pretty quickly, especially when it is a constant drain instead of a periodic drain like a fridge pulls.

Most projectors would also have a hard time with the low voltage power we often get in the DR. While a good regulator should keep the voltage high enough, the load will decrease the power available to charge your batteries when you actually have power. So this may only work well if you are in an area where you have constant power and the voltage is good (i.e. the larger cities and tourist areas).

Last point, a projector is going to be pretty hard to find in the DR, and if you do find one the price will likely be very high and the quality very low (pretty typical for electronics here). There are also different consideration if you are planning to use the projector for Skype (where room light is required for the Skype camera) or for video games and movies where the room is likely to be dark. It would probably be good to look around online and make your purchase in the US or another larger country where you will have more selection.

Well, a video projector for Skype, movies and video games many not be a necessity for most of us, but it is fun to dream.