First let’s point out that my experience with Viva’s internet is only 7 days. So you can’t call this a long term review of their services. How ever during the 7 days I have been in Jarabacoa there have been internet outages with Viva 3 of the seven days.

The first day we got here (on a Monday) Viva was having problems so there was no internet service for the first half of the day. Once that cleared we received Internet (using their MiFi 2200) at a rate of about 1mbs for the rest of the week. My computer is setting right next to the Wifi so I was getting excellent reception, likewise the MiFi 2200 appeared to be getting pretty good reception. From the administration page I could see that it was receiving 4 out of 5 bars most of the time but often fluctuating down to 2 bars for a few seconds.

Saturday the Internet service appeared to be down all day, at least every time I checked it. On Sunday the service was down all morning and finally started working at about 2:30pm.

From my testing during these 7 days I have found the Viva’s service here to be a bit weak and slow. The weather was good from Monday to Friday so the poor speed and reliability could not be blamed on that. There was rain Saturday and it is possible that the storm knocked down the internet for Saturday and Half of Sunday.

I wouldn’t call this a complete test of Viva’s internet service in the Jarabacoa area (a better test would be over the course of a couple months), but I would make it a point of concern if you are planning to use their wireless internet here.