More flooding and mudslides are expected throughout the Dominican Republic as another storm passes over. Nearly all regions of the DR are expected to be affected by the storm that will be hitting the island later this afternoon. It is expected that the storm will hit harder in the Northwest, North and Northeast mountains.

April 25 Warnings

A Flash Flood warning was issued yesterday for Puerto Plata, Santiago, and Maria Tinidad Sanchez and alerts were issued for areas near Samana. It was noted that even areas as low as La Vega, Duarte and San Pedro should be on the lookout for flooding.

The downpours yesterday (April 25) caused problems in several of the community towns in the Santiago area when a low bridge blocked the flow of water in the Licey River causing the water to flow over the banks. Businesses and houses were damaged as streets were flooded forcing residents to evacuate to higher ground.

One of the towns flooded was Tamboril which recently had an outbreak of cholera that has already taken 6 lives. Flooding was sited as part of the cause for this out break when overloaded sewage lines broke from the flood waters contaminating the local water supply.