While you are visiting the lifestyles Tropical and Colfresi Palm Resort you are likely to want to check out some of the varies bars and for some the Nightlife. Most of the bars are open during the day so you can pick up a frozen drink, soft drinks, and at a few even snacks during the day while swimming in the pools or ocean.

Most of the bars use a cheaper local alcohol for their drinks. If you head down to the VIP area on the Tropical side of the resort you will be able to get higher quality drinks than you can in the other locations. You can also order snacks, burgers, salads and other items at the two VIP bars. If you purchased your resort reservations through “CheepTickets.com” then you likely got the VIP reservations which will get you into some of the better locations (although not all, some are reserved for the Gold Members”

Swim up Bars

One of the things that is pretty cool at the Lifestyles resorts are the swim up bars. Many of these have barstools, tables and other places to sit right up next to the counter area. The Colfresi Palm resort has several of these along with lounges that are sitting in a foot or so of water which make lounging a bit cooler. The Aqua pool bar is one of the more interesting locations; there is a section of tables and stools built into the pool under a imitation cave overhang.

While it would appear there is suppose to be a alcohol theme to the different bars most will serve different frozen drinks, well drinks, and beer as well as non-alcohol drinks, water, sometimes sports drinks, and soda etc.

  • Aqua Vodka Pool Bar – This is normally open 10am – 5:00pm and is located in the upper pool in the adult section of the Colfresi pools. This is one of the cooler locations to hang out. They have a cave inspired swim up bar with tables and stools in the pool so you can stay cool. There is also a overhang that is inspired by a cave. At least all of the times that I have been there, this is a pretty quite location to talk or lounge in the lounges and chairs in and beside the pool.
  • Cheers Pool Bar – Open 10am – 12:00am. This is another bar at the upper pool. There is plenty of room to hang out both in and out of the water. We avoid most of the nightlife so it is possible this might get a little more crowded at night. During the day it stays pretty quite.

    To get to the upper pool, find the kids area near “the Pearl” Restaurant and look for paths on the other side of the pools to go up. You will find a waterfall pool above the kids area and the next level gets you to the upper pools.

  • Tapas – This is located near Moomtaz and features Spanish inspired appetizers. Open 6:30pm – 10:00pm. You will have to pay extra to get stuff here.
  • Chasers Sports Bar – Is a Tequila bar located at the Royal Suites location in the Lifestyles resort. This bar is open 10am – 5:00pm
  • Star – Specializes in “Famous Drinks” and is also called the Colosseum Bar. This bar is open 8:30pm to 11:00pm
  • The Gin Joint – This is also called the Tropical Beach club bar and is open 12 noon to 3:00am This bar has the distinction of being the last one to close every night.
  • The Whiskey Bar – Located at the Colfresi beach. Open 10am – 10pm. While this is one of the smaller drink locations it is also next to one a nice lounging location where you can check out the waves while sitting under palm trees on lounge chairs or one of the larger group beds.
  • Frost, Frozen Drinks bar – This is open 10am – 5pm. This is located in the family area of the Colfresi palm. The family area is specifically designed for younger kids, with shallow wading pools and other play areas.
  • The Cayena – This is a “Rum Bar” located in the lobby of the Tropical. It is open from 10am – 12:00am. This is one of the first places you will see when you check in. If you have had a hard trip this is a good place to stop by even before you check in to get something to drink (or something to help you relax after driving in the DR!).
  • Las Canas – Las Canas is a “Tequila Sports Bar” that is located at the Tropical Pool. Part of it has swim up bar stools; the other part is a party place after the pool closes. One of our first visits we got a room overlooking this bar area. Kind of entertaining watching the nightlife from a distance.
  • The Tortuga – This is a ocean side bar located in the Tropical section. Open 10am – 6:00pm
  • Wet – This Liqueur bar is located in the Residence Suites Pool. It is open 10am – 10pm. I’ve never been in the Residence Suites area although I have considered heading over to see what types of interesting Liqueurs they have to offer, Maybe my next visit!
  • The Cellar – This is a wine bar, you will have to ay extra here. This is located inside the Rodizio. This is open from 6:30pm – 10pm
  • Sizzle – Specializes in Hot Drinks. This is located at the Lights Cameras action theater. The bar is open from 8:30 – 11pm. I’ve only been to the theater once and it was not to my liking. This appears to be one of the more nightlife oriented areas of the resort.
  • Mirage – This is open from 10am – 5:00pm and is a dessert bar. This is at the Crown Suites pool, yet another location I’ve yet to check out during the past 5-6 times I’ve visited the lifestyles resort.

Well, there you go: all the places to get something to drink (non-alcohol or alcohol) while you are staying at the lifestyles resort in Puerto Plata. While it is true alcohol is free and available everywhere in the resort it is good to note that I have rarely seen people drunk here during the daytime hours. There are a few areas where the nightlife gets a little wilder but you can easily make a choice to either hang out at these places or avoid them.