Those of you who like to frequent Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic probably remember the fire that took out at least 15 beachside businesses in Pueblo de los Pescadores. I’ve got some videos that were taken right after the fire on my “Fire at Pueblo de los Pescadores” page.I spent the last weekend in Las Terrenas with my family and it looks like the businesses are about ready to reopen.

Pueblo de los Pescadores

Pueblo de los Pescadores, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Beach Side Restaurants

While Las Terrenas has quite a few great restaurants Pueblo de los Pescadores was the only area where you could eat, dance and buy a drink to kick back on the beach with. Unlike some of the other Beaches like Boca Chica where you are catered to by businesses right on the beach, most of the businesses in Las Terrenas are located on the other side of the road from the beach. This means you cross the street and head into the bar or restaurant if you want to get something.

Before the fire we would kick back at one of the beachside lounges and have a drink while listening to the waves (or music depending on which lounge we were are) and watching the sun go down. There was also a restaurant where we would buy french fries and kick back on the beach or at one of their tables overlooking the surf. We kind of missed that on this last trip.

New Buildings

While the old set of buildings looked randomly constructed the new Pueblo de los Pescadores looks more like you would find in Santa Cruz California. All of the different businesses are in one continuous building but, the building is constructed so that each business has it’s own roofline and a different construction style in front. In the back there is the usual open air design that you find throughout the DR (and other tropical resort locations).

All of the businesses are tied together with a common wood deck set to multiple levels with rails to separate the individual restaurants, discotheques, and bars. One other thing that was incorporated into the new design is two sets of public bathrooms, not something that you frequently see near Dominican beaches unless you are within hotel or resort grounds.

I haven’t heard if they are going to have the same businesses as before the fire or if they are putting it up for bid for new businesses so I can’t give a list of what will be there once everything opens up again. Once they do get everything going again I’ll head back over and talk to some of the shop owner and write some reviews. I’m also hoping that one or more of the lounge areas wil have internet hotspots available, it would be pretty cool to be able to hang out at the beach while doing some work while sipping a beverage. While I usually have my Claro modem available it would be nice to have the option to use the higher speed available with land line internet plans.

Looks like the new Pueblos de los Pescadores will be a cool area to hang out when they get it completed. It is located pretty much in the center of Las Terrenas with the major Las Terrenas hotels and resorts on either side and close to some of the best snorkeling areas in las terrenas.