Warehouse shopping at its best! If you find yourself missing wandering through the isles checking out bulk items while you are here in the DR, you should be happy to know there is a little taste of warehouse comfort in Santiago, the Dominican version of Costco, PriceSmart.

As you walk in the feeling is almost exactly the same. The food court is near the entrance which offers much of the same food like pizza, the hotdog / fountain drink deal, and the chicken roll. These were a couple things missing like the softserve items, but it was pretty close. One addition was fried chicken and french fries.


One thing you will find is that the electronics, TVs, Computers, and Cameras are more expensive then you will find in the states. That is after you get over the initial price shock of looking at it in pesos. Laptops go from about 28,000 pesos to about 37,000 pesos.

Frozen foods

I haven’t been to ShopCo in a couple of years so I can’t say the have the same exact items here, but the variety and types of items appear to be very close. That goes the same with other bulk foods. In addition to the items you expect in the US, there are also a lot of items that are bulk versions of what you would normally buy here in the DR supermercados.

Inversors and Batteries

This is a pretty good place to pick up batteries for your inversor and they do have a few different inversors in stock. They didn’t have any voltage regulators, or full house surge protectors while I was there.

kitchen Appliances

They also have a good selection of different kitchen appliances like blenders, and other items. Most of the brands I read were the same that you would find in the US. This is good because the majority of the items you find in the DR are from china and are extremely cheaply made. PriceSmart seems to be trying to stock somewhat higher quality items.

PriceSmart Hours and Directions

You will find PriceSmart in Santiago at Avenida Estrella Sadhalá No.21. Their phone number is (809) 336-1999 and they are open from 9am to 9pm Monday through Saturday and 9am to 6pm on Sunday. If you speak Spanish you can check out their website at PricesSmart.

If you are coming from the southern part of the DR you stay on the main highway “Autopista Juan Pablo Duarte” (Highway 1) and turn off at Avenida Estrella Sadhalá. Or if you are like me, you miss your turnoff and about one block up hit a monument. From there do a U turn and take a right at the next street which will be Estrella Sadhalá.

Map to Santiago PriceSmart