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The Playa Dorada is one of the two more famous resort beaches in Puerto Plata, the second one being Costa Dorada. In case you are checking a map you will likely find the name of the city to be San Felipe de Puerto Plata although the locals just call it Puerto Plata.

Playa Dorada is surrounded by the many resort hotels, many of them offer special “All Inclusive” rates for staying there. It’s said that there are 100,000 hotel beds in the city. Which gives you a little bit of an idea of how packed the beached can be in the main tourist season. It’s best to try and hit these beaches in the off-season.

Another great reason to think about going to Playa Dorada or Costa Dorada in a off season it the rates. Often “All Inclusive” hotels drop their rates from about $120 USD per person per night to as little as $30 USD per person per night. A that rate it is cheaper to go to an all inclusive then it is to get a normal hotel room and buy your own food. “All Inclusive” are exactly what the name implies. All food and drink is included with the price of the room making it a great deal.

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The beaches in Puerto Plata are considered some of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. They are well maintained and do not have near as bad a prostitution problem or problem with being pestered by beach vendors as some of the other beaches like Boca Chica.

Parents will small children should be advised that these beaches are topless beaches so it is common to see topless women on the beach.

As with most of the Dominican Beaches there is a very active nightlife on Playa Dorada, much of it being centered in the motels themselves. No doubt added to by the All Inclusive including free alcohol.

Along with beaches and resorts there are several world class golf courses with in a short distance of the hotels. There are also a number of great places to eat. You will find local Dominican food as well as American and European food.

Activities include Scuba Diving and snorkeling, golf, windsurfing, kiteboarding and deep-sea fishing. The ocean world adventure park is a great place to bring your family along with cable car tours.

Now while I missed this tour on my last trip to Puerto Plato, I’ve heard one of the must see tours is the Brugal Rum Distillery. Personally I feel Brugal beats any other rum I have tasted. Rumor has it that after a short tour they give out samples of the many different types of rum that they offer. If you have anyone at home you want a unique gift for, what could be better than a bottle of the local rum?

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