A new health craze has hit main stream in the Dominican Republic, Moringa which can be locally grown can now be seen in La Sirena. You can pick up Moringa in a powdered form to be added to health shakes or other health drinks.

There are several other Latin American countries that have been growing and selling this plant as a alternative medicine for several years now including Honduras. Usually it is the leaves that are of interest which are high in vitamin A, vitamin C and Vitamin B as well as protein and calcium. Locally grown Moringa is now being sold in the streets and is becoming pretty common to find here in the Dominican Republic.

Moringa Health Benefits

Moringa leaves are also high in 46 different antioxidants. It’s these antioxidants that are usually used to give rise to the plants miracle remedy reputation. As you read the package you find a wide variety of health claims including lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of heart attack, improving vision etc. etc. etc. (the list of claimed health benefits is very long on the packaging)

Moringa can also be fed to cattle where the claims include higher milk production and higher weight gain.

While I haven’t tried it out myself, if you are using Moringa feel free to leave a comment for us letting us know how it seems to work for you.