The public health department of the Dominican Republic has reported more deaths due to dengue over the last few days. While dengue is always a risk due to humid air and frequent rain-showers (leaving pools of tepid water for mosquitoes to breed) , certain times of year seem to produce more reports.

As of today 10/11/12 there have been 10 recent reports of deaths with 3,538 probably cases of this mosquito born disease. Pretty much anywhere is the Dominican Republic is at risk so it is a good idea to take precautions.

Because dengue is only spread by certain mosquitoes and these mosquitoes usually don’t fly long distances dengue is more common in the more populated areas of the DR then in the rural areas. This being the case, you should wear mosquito repellent anytime that there are mosquitoes present (usually at dusk and dawn) especially in the cities and more populated areas. The best repellents are the ones containing DEET.

According to the CDC the the main symptoms of Dengue include a high fever and at least two other symptoms like sever headache, sever eye pain, joint pain, muscle or joint pain, rash or unexplained bleeding of gums or other areas.

These symptoms will normally ease off for a while followed by much more severe symptoms. If this happens seak medical attention at once.