As part of an international beauty contest and the International Tourism Film Festival the Dominican Republic will be choosing a “Miss Dominican Nature” who will compete for the Miss Nature Crown. The new Miss Nature International will be an international ambassador in environmental protection campaigns and will be part of fund raising efforts for environmental protection.

Candidates will need to be single, at least 5’5’’ in height and between 18 and 26 years old. The candidate will also need to be well versed in the culture of the country they represent. While one of the other requirements is that the candidate be physically fit, there is no ward yet as to whether there will be a “Miss Nature swim suit competition” as part of the contest.

Dr. Silega, also President of Health Tourism International Chamber of Commerce, reported that the International Tourism Film Festival will show the best tourism promotion films in a variety of categories: Destinations, Cultural Tourism, Rural Tourism, Adventure, Expedition, Golf, Health Tourism, Religious Tourism, Ecotourism, Gastronomy and Hotels, Spas and Sports Tourism. The best film in each category will be awarded the “Hippocrates” prize and will compete for overall best film. During the Festival there will be conferences, seminars, symposiums, photographic exhibitions and a Health Tourism Fair.

A new magazine will be circulated to promote the Miss Nature International pagent as well as the New York Tourism Film Festival. The Springlife Magazine is expected to be out in January of 2013.