Mercado OnLineA couple things are for certain with foreigners that have moved to the Dominican Republic. First they are going to have computers to use for contacting family and friends back home, work, or doing finances. Second those computers are going to eventually break down! Heat, humidity and dust are a computers greatest enemies (well, we might add viruses to the list), and the D.R. is well stocked with all three (once again add viruses to the list if you ever have to get something printed at one of the local internet cafes).

Now you are stuck with a pretty rough choice, wait until you visit the States to get you computer fixed or try to find someone here. It’s not that you won’t find friendly people willing to help you here; it’s just that too often they are very willing to help even if they don’t have the experience to get the job done right. With computers you have an extra problem, not only do you have to find someone who knows what they are doing, but because you likely have sensitive information on your computer, you also need to find someone you can trust not to go through your computer looking for information (pass codes, banking information etc.) that can be exploited (that’s not easy to find regardless of what country you are in!).

Mercado OnLine

After three years of living in the D.R. two of my families computers gave up on life. My computer was a HP pavilion that was poorly designed for being in a hot humid country. I repeatedly needed to completely disassemble the computer to reach the cooling fan which needed to be cleaned regularly. It would appear I waited too long once or twice and the excessive heat killed several chips on the motherboard. Likewise my son’s cheaper computer finally gave up. With my entire business being online I needed a computer NOW!

Computer Diagnostics

Fortunately I have quite a few friends here and they suggested I try Mercado Online in San Francisco de Macoris. In the past I tried an “Authorized Repair Shop” in the Capital, Santo Domingo to work on my son’s computer. You can read about that experience on our post on Computer Warrantee Work. With the recommendations I received I was optimistic about fairing a little better this time. I am happy to say that Ismael Mercado, the owner of Mercado Online lived up to the recommendations.

I have over 10 years of computer experience often working on my own computers as well as three years experience working on this particular laptop so I was pretty familiar with its highlights and deficiencies. Ismael was able to quickly confirm my suspicions about the computer and point out other things that I was not yet aware of (which I confirmed online). It became obvious that he is very experienced with computer repair and he was giving me a honest, reliable appraisal of the situation, this helped me to trust his next recommendation of getting a new computer.

Buying a new Computer

Being that repairing my computer wasn’t a good option, I needed to get a replacement right away for my business. Likewise my son’s computer was literally falling apart and needed to be replaced. My son choose a used Apple computer that they was in stock, It was almost new and fit his future needs very well.

Because of my business my needs are a little more stringent. For now I wanted to get something to get me by until I could choose exactly what I wanted in the States. Ismael had another older laptop that was in good shape that he could sell for a fair price.

To get me by until I could get to the States required quite a few things. Ismael:

  • Bought my old computer to use for parts – which gave me a little more money to work with
  • Took out my hard drive and converted it into a external drive so I could easily pull the information off with the new computer
  • Upgraded the ram
  • Upgraded the operating system – This is something you have to watch out for. Most computer shops here will put in a pirated operating system that will work for a while then finally get checked when you go online and disable all or part of your computer. Ismael gave me a fully licensed version of Windows 7 Ultimate with the price of the computer.
  • Installed the latest Microsoft office suite – Once again, if you have this installed in the D.R. you are likely to get a pirated version. Ismael installs fully licensed versions so you don’t have problems down the road.

Ordering Upgrades and Parts Online

Unfortunately even all this doesn’t quite meet my needs so additional upgrades were needed to get me by (my requirements are a bit higher than most people due to my work). Ismael is also able to order upgrades and parts online and have them shipped to his store. Getting things shipped into the Dominican Republic can be a bit tough so it is very useful to be able to have him order anything I need and get it shopped here. His price for locating an item on EBay and buying it is very reasonable which makes Mercado Online useful for this service alone.

My Recommendation

My family has now bought quite a bit of computer equipment from Mercado OnLine. I feel confident in highly recommending their services.

  • Ismael’s prices are fair
  • I trust him to be honest with his recommendations and repairs
  • He does the repairs and diagnostic quickly
  • He communicates well. This includes being available for phone calls and getting back to you as promised. This is a little hard to come by in the D.R.
  • If he doesn’t have the part, upgrade, etc. he can order it online and get it shopped here for you. This is a service he offers even if you are not needing other repair services.

Their products and services include:

  • Hardware maintenance and repair
  • Installing Operating Systems
  • Custom Software Development
  • networks
  • Software and IT business solutions (points of sale, billing and inventory systems)
  • Printers and supplies
  • Internet Shopping

Discount for Mentioning this review

I talked Ismael into giving a discount for the readers of Be sure to mention us when you give them a call. Ismael does speak some English so, those of us with limited Spanish can still call!

Contact Information

Mercado OnLine
Ismael Mercado (owner)
Av. Frank Grullon 23 esq.
Emilio Prud’Momme,
San Fransisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic

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Tel 809-244-1788 / 829-546-9037