Magic Jack is one of the cheapest ways to make calls from the Dominican Republic to the United States. Well, at least if you don’t count the need to have a computer and a relatively good internet connection. There are a few details that are worth considering. These are the top questions that our readers have asked us here at about using Magic Jack in the Dominican Republic.

MagicJack FAQ

  • Does magic jack work in the Dominican Republic: – YES
    MagicJack works very well in the Dominican Republic but depending on how you use it there can be additional charges. MagicJack also requires high speed internet. High speed internet is available at most of the resorts, larger hotels, and internet cafés. You can also get temporary internet plans that allow you to use the cell phone towers to connect wirelessly. You can find more information on getting internet in our Internet in the DR posts. A minimum bandwidth UPLOAD speed of 128 kb/s is required.
  • Can I activate a magic jack in Dominican Republic: – YES
    However, you will need to choose a telephone number in the US or Canada. It is usually a good idea to choose a number close to the people who may like to call you. If most of your family and friends live in one city, choosing a number in that city will allow them to call you with out having to use a long distance carrier.
  • Can I accept calls from the us on my magicjack while in the Dominican Republic: – YES
    MagicJack gives you a US telephone number. As long as your computer is connected to the internet, your magic jack is running and you have a phone plugged in people can call you US phone number and your MagicJack phone will ring no matter where you are, that includes in the Dominican Republic. In addition, you can make and recieve MagicJack to MagicJack phone calls for free.
  • Can I make phone call to Dominican Republic with magic jack: – YES
    But this one is going to cost you!. If the person you are calling has a MagicJack the call is free. But, if you want to call a landline or a cell phone in the Dominican Republic you will need to buy long distance minutes from Magic Jack. All calls made on your MagicJack are actually made from the US, or Canada depending on where your MagicJack phone number is from. Unfortunately at this time Magic Jack does not have available phone numbers in the Dominican Republic so all calls to land lines and cell phones here are considered long distance.
  • Can I use magicjack in Dominican Republic to call Domincan Republic numbers?: – YES
    But all the same rules apply as if you were in the US and making a call. The reason for this is that the all call from the MagicJack are made from the US or Canada regardless of where you are when you make the call.
  • Can magic jack text: – No
    While there are a lot of people asking for it, this is not yet a service offered by magic jack.
  • Do I need a travel telephone for magic jack: – YES
    Or at least some sort of wired telephone to plug into your magicjack. For travel one of those old clam shell folding phones or some other small phone works great. Although if you plan on using it a lot you can plug the base of a wireless phone into the magic jack and use that as well.
  • Can I have a magic jack based in the Dominican Republic: – No
    At this point MagicJack only has numbers based in the US and Canada. Hopefully that will change being that thousands of people make calls from the US to the Domincan Republic and the Magic Jack system is very popular here.
  • Does MagicJack have voice mail: – Yes
    MagicJack gives you the same voice mail features that you get from a cell phone. In addition, when a message is left, magicjack sends you a email with the message attached as a wav file so you can listen to the message on your computer and then return the call if desired.
  • Can I buy a Magic Jack in the Dominican Republic?: – Yes
    There are a few stores that sell Magic Jacks. I’m starting to compile a list on Dominican Stores that Sell Magic Jack. As more stores start to stock Magic Jacks I will be adding to the list.
  • What is the rate to use Magicjack to call the Dominican Republic?: – 8 cents per minute
    This rate has recently been lowered. There are different rates for the different cell companies and if you are calling land lines in the DR. Most people have cell phones and the rate to call most of the cell phones is currently .08 per minute.
  • Con I use Magicjack plus in the Dominican Republic: – Yes
    Magicjack plus is an upgraded Magicjack. Once the unit is set up (which requires a computer), it will be able to connect directly into your wireless internet connection with out having to be plugged into a computer. That means you can plug your modem/router and Magicjack plus into a power supply (a UPS works great for this) and have your Magicjack phone working all the time, even when your computer is turned off. Using a UPS gives you the advantage of not being worried about missing calls or being cut off if you have a power outage (which is very frequent in the DR, or your inversor doesn’t switch fast enough to keep your equipment from resetting.