Well, this was probably the deal of a lifetime. The Lifestyle Resort in Puerto Plato was running a promotional deal for stays between October to December of this year to their very plush All Inclusive Hotel. For $10 USD per person per night you would get their VIP package which included the room, all meals including al a cart meal at 5 different restaurants, 24 hour a day food ad one of the different locations in the resort and of course all drinks are included. At the VIP bar that means all of the imported alcohol also. All tips were even included, although if someone gave very good service it was nice if you can tip a little extra.

There was one catch though; you had to be from the United States, Europe, or Canada. The thing is they only wanted people from other countries to use the deal so they could promote their Resort as well as promote their time shares. While getting the tour of the resort (as well as the timeshare sales pitch) was optional, you had to refuse it several times during your stay. Not a big problem, the people asking were always nice, never a hard push.

While this deal closed, I have received several notices from cheapcaribbean.com that they are continuing to offer other great deal on their All Inclusive VIP package. They have extended the deal several times a t a little higher price of $20 USD per person per night. The “taxes” also went up so it turns into a total of $28 USD per person per night. Still this is an awesome deal. If you stay at a regular hotel and pay for your own food you will likely pay about $5-$7 for breakfast and lunch and $12 – $20 for comparable dinners. This deal includes all food, drinks, tips, and the room for the same price, making this bay far one of the cheapest ways to visit the Dominican Republic.

In future posts I will be talking more about the Lifestyle Resort and our stay there, but for now, here is a few things about the resort. The rooms are very nice, all of which seem to have their own patio. They all come with a small fridge stocked with beer, water and soda. Guests also can buy timeshare villas at the Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club, which offer multiple bedrooms and private pools. Once members, guests will gain access to VIP pools, beaches and bars.
There are several pools, one has a swim up bar, water basket ball, and water volleyball area. Several bars, the bar in the VIP area has a wide selection of imported alcohol. The VIP section also has a Sushi bar and a Wi-Fi area. There are ping pong tables, a volleyball area, secluded beach access, and an activity center where you can checkout snorkeling gear, fins, body boards and a bunch of other things. If the water is calm enough you can also check out kayaks.

The VIP All Inclusive area also has a section of beds out on the beach, some swinging on ropes, others with canopies, others in a sort of bunk bed arrangement where you are 10 feet or so off the ground giving a great view of the ocean. Of course you have people constantly wandering through taking orders for food and drinks. Once you hit the lounge area you don’t even have to move. That section fills up quickly so it is best to get there and reserve a spot when they open at about 8 in the morning.

So, if you are looking to stay at an All Inclusive resort in the DR over the next year, I would recommend signing up for the cheapcaribbean.com newsletter so you get notified of the next offering from Lifestyle Resort. You can also check my Resort Deals page to see if a new deal is being run.