Dominican Cana lilyI was working on one of my client websites today, a florist in California and got to thinking this might be a good post for my DR site. During my years in the Dominican Republic we’ve bought flowers from the local florists many times. We’ve decorated a wedding reception, bought flowers and at times flower arrangements for the annual memorial of Jesus Death, hospital visits and yes you can buy your wife anniversary flowers here.

Now granted you can often find some pretty cool flowers growing wild on the side of the road (my wife usually get her ferns for arrangements that way), however most of us guys would rather walking into a shop and let someone else work out the arrangement for us. So here is what I’ve found over the years.

First it seems most towns will have a flower shop. I’ve found them in several of the small towns like Fantino, Altamira and Imbert.

Of course if you live around the larger cities like Santiago, La Vega, Santo Domingo and even Puerto Plata you will find several. However they can be a bit hard to find. Unlike the States, you can’t just look in the Yellow pages or Look on line. So that means asking around. I’ve found that one of the best sources of information, at least in the smaller towns are the motoconcho drivers. They usually know most of the businesses. Most of the places I’ve been in a very small hole in the wall type places but they often have a pretty good selection of flowers in the back.

Types of Flowers Available

I can usually find most of the same flowers as are available in the States. Roses of various colors, lilies, carnations, and sunflowers seem to be common in most of the Local Dominican Florist shops. If you are trying to choose between flowers here’s a page that might help Roses or Lilies. There most be local growers in the country because they are usually pretty fresh. I’ve found that most of the Florists head to one of the larger towns weekly to get new inventory.

One of the best things I have found is Flowers here are cheap. No excuse not to get your wife some on a regular basis (don’t tell my wife about this post!!!). A dozen Roses are often 150-200 pesos with all the extra greenery and babies breath thrown in. Like in the states Red seems to always be available for the Roses, but usually even the smallest shops have a verity of colors.

Also, so far every one of these smaller places I’ve visited will wrap gifts. They usually have a small selection of vases and other items including a VERY small selection of cards. Anniversary and other cards are usually very hard to come by in the small towns, you are much better off trying to find those in the larger stores and malls. And while you might find a few in other languages remember we in a Spanish country.