I’ve been working on learning my latest language “Haitian Creole”. As you travel the campos here in the DR you end up meeting quite a few Haitians and so it doesn’t hurt to be able to talk to them a little in their own language, especially when you are in the preaching work. While for the most part my studies are going pretty well, every once in a while I come across a work I can’t find a meaning for. My latest puzzle is the word Lefétke.

What does Lefétke mean

So far I’ve checked Google Translator, several online dictionaries and my pocket English – Creole dictionary to no avail. I have found the word many times in the publication “Bon Nouvel Bondye Bay La!” but haven’t been able to come up with a definite meaning by the context of the word.

So.. if you happen to know the Haitian Creole language and know the definition of the word, feel free to write it in the comments section!