Las Terrenas is holding it’s third Marathon this year on Sunday, March 4, 2012, starting at 8:00 AM. The route will take runners from Playa Punta Popy to the El Limon road.

The 10k route is a 5k run from Playa Punta Popy to El Limon road and then the return to Playa Punto Popy. This takes the runners past the El Portillo airport. The 5k runners reach the 2.5k marker after departing from Playa Punta Popy and then return.

2011 Las Terrenas 10k Winners

Las year the win went to Jaun Almonte with a time of 32:55. The Female winner of the marathon was Jordania Diaz with a time of 40:37.

2010 Las Terrenas 10k Winners

For 2010 The male winner of the Las Terrenas Marathon was once again Juan Almonte with a time of 35:19 with the Female winner Renilda Vilorio coming in at 42:11

Las Terrenas 10k Categories

The final winners are broken into 9 Categories.

  • 16-20 Hombres
  • 21-29 Hombres
  • 30-39 Hombres
  • 40-49 Hombres
  • 50-99 Hombres
  • 16-24 Mujeres
  • 25-34 Mujeres
  • 35-45 Mujeres
  • 46-99 Mujeres