The Las Colinas Mall is a multi-story mall located on Ave 27 de Febrero in Santiago. They have both escalators and an elevator to get between the different levels.

Jumbo Super Market

The Jumbo Supermarket in the Las Colinas Mall is kind of like a Wal-Mart in the US. You find just about everything there. Food, liquor, clothes, household items etc. They also have a good bakery and a cafeteria style food area. If you are looking for more restaurants in Santo Domingo check our Santo Domingo Restaurants page.

Their bakery is very good. We tried a couple different styles of fresh baked bread as well as several pastries. One of our favorite pastries was a custard cone with about a cup of very good flavored vanilla custard in a flaky pastry cone. They also had some very good fruit pastries. This will likely be one of the locations we will stop by regularly in the future.

Las Colinas Food Court

The Las Colinas Mall has a pretty good food court. There are three pizza places Dominos (consistent with US Dominoes Pizza), Pizzarelli (pretty good), and a Dominican Chain store Pizza Place (ketchup tasting sauce, very little cheese and toppings one of which is usually corn).

There is also a teriyaki restaurant. They have teriyaki chicken (pollo), teriyaki beef (rez), and teriyaki shrimp (Camarones). You can have French fries (papas fritas), white rice (arroz blanco), or fried rice (arroz negro). We tried the teriyaki chicken and teriyaki beef, both were very good, they both sat on a bed of stir fried vegetables. Being that they were stir fried we took a chance on the vegetables and had no problems. I found the fried rice to also be very good. My wife got some broccoli with her sesame chicken; the broccoli was cooked properly with some crunch left in the vegetable.

As with most eating areas in the DR you are able to get cold beer, usually Presidente or Brahma. Both will usually come from special refrigerators and are served at just above freezing. Expect to pay between 60 and 70 pesos per bottle (the smaller of the bottles).

Movie Theater (Teatros)

The Las Colinas mall also has an 8 cinema movie theater. We didn’t get to check them out because the movies all started late on the day we were considering it. On most days the first movie starts between 4pm and 6 pm. There are movies played in both English and Spanish.

You will find all the latest movies, at the time of this post they were showing RIO, Red Riding Hood, Winnie the Pooh, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides, The Eagle, Fast and Furious 5, Pirates of the Caribbean – ON Stranger Tides (3D Version), and X-Men – First Class. You can get the latest shows and show times here ( or call 809-570-1358.

Movie prices vary by the day the general price is normally RD$125 ($3.35 USD), on Monday, Tues and Wed it’s RD$100 ($2.70 USD) with the #D Movies at RD$175 ( $4.75 USD) and kids tickets at RD$100.

As Seen On TV store

For a little entertainment it is kind of fun to go into their “As seen On TV” store. Pretty funny to look at some of the gadgets they have, they prices they want for them is even funnier.

Souvenir Stands

You will also find several souvenir stands located in the mall, these are pretty good places to find small inexpensive trinkets and gifts.