Las Terrenas Beach

Las Terrenas Beach

Las Terrenas is a smaller beach side town on the Samana peninsula, North East of the City of Samana. Las Terranas is to date the nicest of the beach towns we have visited. We found the beach to be clean, not highly packed with people and with far less vendors hassling you while you are trying to enjoy the beach. I’ll go into greater detail in my article on the Las Terrenas Beach. Another thing you will probably need to know is how to get there our Las Terrenas Taxi page should help.

One of the major benefits of this town is the way that the beach is situated in relation to the town itself. As you drive into town you find the road for the most part winding down the side of the beach, with the motels on one side and the beach on the other. This goes for a long stretch of beach probably about 2 miles or so. What makes this nice is that each Motel has its own “private” section across the street where they have tables and chairs and during the peak seasons private bars at the beach. This spreads the people out over the beach instead of having just a few accesses to the beach. It also means for the majority of the Hotels going to the beach is just a matter of exiting your room and heading across the street.

We usually choose to visit during the off seasons, Hotel and travel prices and much lower that way. For example our taxi ride from Samana to Las Terrenas was only about $33 USD (1200 pesos) instead of the usual $60. The hotel was $37 USD for two people, during the peak season this price increases and in fact there was someone trying to get a room while we were there and the price for two people was $80.00. This highlights the benefit using online reservations instead of waiting until you get there.

Below is a list of some of the Las Terrenas Hotels. Many also have restaurants, you can click on the link under the Hotel to read our review of the hotel and if it has one the Restaurant. If you own a Hotel, Restaurant or other business that you would like me to write about email me. You can contact me at

Also, feel free to post a review or comment about your favorite Las Terrenas Hotel. You can post a comment below this list, however, only comments on hotels in Las Terrenas. Comments about hotels in any other city or country will not be allowed.

Residence Los Pinos and
Churrascaria Norcineria Steak House

Calle 27 de Febrero, salida a Portillo
Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic
Churrascaria Norcineria Review
Los Pinos Hotel Review
Las Palmeras
Bar Restaurant Hotel
Carretera a Potillo No.1
Las Terrenas, Samana, R.D.
Restaurant Review Coming Soon!
Boulangerie Francaise
Plaza Taina, Las Terrenas
Boulangerie Francaise Review
Residence Corte del Mar
Calle 27 Del Febrero Las Terrenas (Samana)
+1 809 2406 992
Corte del Mar Review
Hotel Aparthotel Residencia del Paseo
Calle Juan Pablo Duarte 272 – Paseo de la Costanera, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Tel: 809-240-6778
Fax: 809-240-6779
Residencia del Paseo Review

Hotel Sabrina Las Terrenas
Lomas de Coson 2, Las Terrenas (La Samana) 1000 AA, Dominican Republic
+1 809-820-5788

Francisco Alberto Caama
Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

+1 809-240-6434

Casa Robinson Las Terrenas
Las Terrenas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6496
Hotel Alisei
Playa las Terrenas, Las Terrenas 0, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-5555
Hotel Gran Bahia Principe El Portillo
Las Terrenas, Samana 00646, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6100
Casa Lily & Coco
Mariano Vanderhorst
Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 829-701-9235 ‎
Punta Bonita Beach Resort Hotel
José Francisco Peña Gómez, Las Terrenas 1, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-5367
Atlantis Hotel
Playa Bonita

Las terrenas,, Samana, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6111
Hotel Casa Valeria
Dr.Roson, Sosua, Dominican Republic
+1 809-571-3565
Hotel Cacao Beach
Playa Las Terrenas
Las Terrenas 1, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6000
Garden Hotel Lomita Maravilla
Calle Salome Urena
Las Terrenas 111, Dominican Republic
1 809-940-6345 ‎
La Residencia Del Paseo
El Paseo De La Costanera, Samana, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6778
Hotel La Tortuga
Avenida Italia, 12, Las Terrenas,
Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6566
Residence Las Palmas
Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6292
Hotel Villa Serena
5, Samana 1, Dominican Republic
+1 809-538-0000 ‎
Oasis Hotel
Benelux, Samana 32000, Dominican Republic
Hotel Cayacoa Beach
Loma Puerto Escondido s/n, Santa Barbara de Samana 32000, Dominican Republic
1 809-538-3131
Viva Wyndham Samana
Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-5050
Hotel Bahia Las Ballenas
Playa Bonita, Samana, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6066 ‎
Hotel Coyamar
Calle a Portillo, Las Terrenas 00000, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6797 ‎
Hotel Palapa Beach Hotel
Las Terrenas, Playa Cosom, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6797
Coco Plaza Hotel
Calle Francisco Bono, 2, Las Terrenas 32200, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6172
Los Pinos
Calle a Portillo, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6168
Viva Wyndham Samana – An All Inclusive ResortBahia De Coson
, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-5050
Fata Morgana
La Ceiba, Near the french school, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-836-5541
Gran Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado Hotel
Isla Cayo Levantado, Samana, Dominican Republic
+1 809-538-3232 ‎
covenida Pablo Duarte, 35, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6068
Italia, Las Terrenas 33200, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6116 ‎

Villa Portoreal
Calle Federico Hernandez, Las Terrenas (Samaná), Dominican
+1 829-910-9195 ‎
Casa del Mar
Avenida Emilio Prudhomme 1, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6617 ‎
Residencia Las Palmas
Las Terrenas, 5157, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6436
Hotel Viva Wyndham Playa Dorada – An All Inclusive Resort
Calle 27 de Febrero, Las Terrenas 3200, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-5240 ‎
Casas Del Mar Neptunia
Las Terrenas. Emilio Prudhomme, 1, Dominican Republic
Gran Bahia Principe Cayacoa
José Francisco Peña Gómez, Las Terrenas 646, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6161
Acaya Hotel
Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó, Samana, Dominican Republic
+1 819-240-6110 ‎
Hotel Tropic Banana
Avenida 27 de Febrero, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-5072
Rincon Eco Lodge Hotel
Camino Real, Las Terrenas (La Samana), Dominican Republic
+1 809-221-7415 ‎
Las Cayenas Kanesh Beach Hotel
Playa Las Terrenas, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6080
Ocean Breeze
Plaza Rosada Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6146
Ocean Breeze
Palo Hincado 202 esq Canela Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
+1 809-685-0193
Papagayo Hotel
Las Terrenas – Samana, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-656-4141 ‎
Hotel Bahia Estela By Viva Resorts
Las Terrenas. Las Galeras, Dominican Republic
Hotel Club Bonito
Las Terrenas – Samana,, Samana, Dominican Republic
Casa Coson
Playa Coson, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-374-2993
Hotel Alisei
Francisco Alberto Caama
Deñó, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
Iguana Hotel
Las Terrenas,Samaná,, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-5525
Aligio Beach Resorts,”Casa Gourmet”
Calle 27 De Febrero , 25 , 10112, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
Hotel Alisei
Playa las Terrenas 1, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
Guzmán Ariza
Calle El Carmen #3, Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic. Principal, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
+1 809-240-6484
Guatapanal Bahia De Coson Hotel
Playa Coson Las Terranas, Samana, Dominican Republic
Club Ocean Reef
Malecon, 24, Las Terrenas 1234, Dominican Republic

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