It gets hot in the DR and well, you’re not always near a beach to cool off. One of the great ways to get around that minor problem is the Kaskada Water Park (Kaskada Aqua Park) in  Santiago.

Pools: There are two main swimming pools, one in front of the grandstand and the other attached to one of the bars. Both are good for lounging around and taking a swim. One of them had a low and a high platform to dive from.

Water Slides: There were 6 water slides. Three that required tubes and three that did not.

The tallest slide in the park looked about 3 stories tall and was a straight slide with a steep drop and was tubeless. The other two tubeless slides had the usual array of twists and curls. All three of these were a little rough in the construction and left everyone in the party a little sore.

We liked the tube waterslides much better. Unfortunately, tubes do not come with the price of admission. This poses a couple problems. One you have to pay for them, another 100 pesos. The second problem is every time you put them down some kid tries to steal them. That being said we all still felt it was worth having one. The three tube slides were more fun and didn’t bruise your back. One of the tude slide was black and it was completely dark in the tube, this made for a very cool ride and turned out to be our favorite slide in the park.

Water Playgrounds: There is one large play area for very small children in the middle of the park. Things to climb on, small water slides, cute characters built into the structures and of course water. This area sits in a very shallow pool with water fountains and water flowing over the structure. I can’t imagine a kid not being thrilled to play here. There are also areas around the playground for the parents to hang out and watch.

There is also a large “Get wet” area near the grandstand. This has larger structures all of which spray water up, down and all around. This is more of a some what older area where kids (young or old) can climb around the structures while staying wet. One thing I did notice is the water in this area was much colder, this one took a little getting used to.

Food: There are several places to eat. There was a buffet for 190 pesos per person and a pizzeria, the pizzas looks like enough to feed 3-4 people who are not heavy eaters and cost 500 pesos. We opted for a hot dog, these were 70 pesos each and came with a small drink. One of the things you will notice in the DR is they like corn on a lot of thinks I would usually not put corn on. I.E. hotdogs and pizza. While corn on a hotdog is not bad it’s a little different, if you don’t think that is to your taste you might want to specify that while ordering.

Bars: This water park also caters to the somewhat older crowd With 6 different bars scattered through out the waterpark. One of them is located in one of the pools so you don’t even have to get out of the water to have a drink. All of the bars offer the usual array of tropical drinks and the price isn’t too bad at about 140 pesos. The drinks were large and strong although they were a little heavy on the alcohol and light on the juice and mixing ingredients.

One of the bars was on a second story overlooking one of the pools and the grandstand areas. This one also had several pool tables. In the name painted on the front of the building was the word Billars, they got a little closer with the word inside the bar when they called it billards, but maybe that is the spanish way to spell billiards???

Music: While we were there there was three areas each playing different music. The way the park is set up, these three areas didn’t compete so, you could hang out in the area where you liked what was being played and not be also listening to the other areas. There was a covered stage area and a bandstand where it looked like live music would be played at times. While we were there they were only playing recorded music.

Lockers: This is kind of important. You will need a place to put your money and other items while you are on the slides. They do have locker rentals, that you rent by the day. I would guess that they run out on days where the park is very full. The nice thing is they are not one time use lockers, You get a key that you need to find a way of attaching to you (to keep it from falling out of your pocket), which opens a standard keylock so you can get into the locker as often as you need.

Summary: We liked the park and plan on going again. It was worth the 350 peso (about $10 USD) price to get in plus 100 pesos for the tube rental. The park was clean, well staffed, friendly and had everything you would expect in a waterpark. By US standards it was a little short on slides, but we found plenty to do to keep us busy for the day.

Kaskada Water Park (Kaskada Aqua Park) is located at
Ave. Hispanoamericana # 90,
Santiago, República Dominicana
Telephone 809-570-7070 or 809-570-7159

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