Jarabacoa River Club Resort

Jarabacoa River Club Resort

When considering the Dominican Republic, most people think beautiful tropical beaches, palm trees, luxury beach resorts and beautiful oceans views. While all of that is true there is another side to the Dominican Republic, The Mountains! Don’t get me wrong, we’re not talking about the Alps here, but the 525 foot rise in elevation makes for a whole new experience, and the Jarabacoa River Club is a great place to experience it.

The Jarabacoa River Club sits on both sides of the “Rio Yaque del Norte”. The two sections of the club are adjoined by a rope bridge. Small and large swimming pools are scattered around on both sides of the river overlooking the valley and river below. Likewise there are patios, eating locations and clubhouses on both sides giving many unique vistas of the Valley.

Jarabacoa Excursions for Eco-Tourists

The Jarabacoa River Club makes for an excellent location to set out on the many excursions available in the Jarabacoa area.

  • One of the favorites is the river rafting excursion on the Yaque River that winds down below the club. The price for the rafting excursions is usually about 1,400 pesos per person.
  • Quads and mountain buggies can be rented for eco excursions in the mountain trails of the Dominican Republic, this is a great way to get away from the heavily tourist areas near the beaches and take in the real beauty of this tropical paradise.
  • Horseback riding and hiking excursions can also be setup, taking you into the mountains to see a waterfall like the Jimenoa waterfall as well as other mountain trails so you can see the natural beauty of this exotic island paradise.

Jarabacoa Climate

Another advantage of the 500+ foot altitude is the drop in temperature. It can get pretty hot and humid in the DR. Jarabacoa is considerably dryer and cooler than other parts of the country. The average high temperature ranges between 77 and 86 deg Fahrenheit depending on the month of the year. This overall spring like climate makes Jarabacoa a great place for hiking, horseback riding and atv excursion.

River Club Accommodations

The Jarabacoa River Club also has rooms and villas available for rent. The room comes with one meal at the same price. If you are reserving a room over the phone it is good to know there are two rows of Villas. The one story villas are in front with patios overlooking the river and valley. These villas sit between the two story rooms and the River valley, which means that the lower story of the two story rooms don’t get much of a view. If you have a choice you will either want one of the top floor rooms or one of the rooms in the first floor.

The basic room prices are 3,795 pesos per night for a two person room which includes breakfast; the price is 4,895 pesos per night for the room plus breakfast and Dinner. The price for three beds is 5,895 per night.

Jarabacoa River Club Gallery

Wedding Venue and Event Areas

They also have several event areas available. These would be perfect for a destination wedding and wedding reception overlooking the valley and river. For more information on booking a wedding or wedding reception date call 809-574-2456 or 809-574-4095.

Jarabacoa River Club Resort Video

Directions to the Jarabacoa River Club Resort

The address is

Carretera Jarabacoa, Manabao Km4, Dominican Republic (Republica Dominicana)

Take Highway 28 on the north side of La Vega west until you reach Jarabacoa. The river club is on the other side of Jarabacoa so you will need to follow signs heading toward Pinar Quemado. You will find the River Club on the right side and is well marked and easy to find.