Another reminder for those of you wanting to use your phone and internet plans from another country while visiting the Dominican Republic.

Yes, they will work BUT…….. If you don’t have an international plan, your company is likely to hit you with some ridiculous roaming fee! While some sort of fee is reasonable, they have to negotiate with other carriers to use their equipment in order to make your call, companies seem to like to use this as a license to steal. That seemingly harmless warning of “Roaming Charges may apply” gives them the right to charge any amount they would like.

Personally I count Verizon’s over $17,000 (yes that is USD) for 90 minutes of internet time as a bit excessive. Somehow I would think that a little more then a small note saying you are in a roaming area would be warranted with something that costs $188.00 per minute, maybe a note saying how much you would actually be paying might be nice.

if you would like to read the story on this you will find it at Daily News

It is good to note that many phone companies will do a one time reduction of your bill when they decide to hit you with something like this. However, it is best not to count on that. Before making calls, or using your internet service from another county here in the Dominican Republic. Be sure of what the cost will be.