Dengue Mosquito

Dengue Mosquito

With the recent increase of rain in the Dominican Republic is coming an increase in the number of mosquitoes and mosquito bore diseases like Dengue. New dengue cases are being reported through out the island on a daily basis so it is time to start slathering on the mosquito repellent again!

The Dominican Republic has a history of dengue as can be seen by the other Dengue reports from past years. Most cases are preventable. Basic tips like putting some chlorine in any rain water that you might save, putting screens on your windows, applying insect repellent and removing any areas where water may get trapped and become stagnant can greatly reduce the mosquito population and reduce the spread of the disease.

When traveling in areas where there is a denser population of mosquitoes, you should carry additional repellent with you and reapply as needed. Sweat can easily wash off the repellent you applied earlier in the day. Some sunscreens also have repellent in them so that is a good idea if you are hitting a beach. Mosquitoes like to hang out in the cool shade trees near the beaches.

According to the CDC the the main symptoms of Dengue include a high fever and at least two other symptoms like sever headache, sever eye pain, joint pain, muscle or joint pain, rash or unexplained bleeding of gums or other areas.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really much treatment for the disease. If you are infected, you pretty much just need to keep your temperature down, stay hydrated and wait it out. It is a good idea to get checked out by a doctor if you get symptoms and they become sever. One of the big risks is dehydration but they can also prescribe a treatment plan to make you more comfortable.