The official death toll has reached 59 with cases continuing to rise. The reports of the disease save been scattered through the Dominican Republic, with the many being reported in the Dominican Capital of Santo Domingo.

Dengue is a mosquito born disease that can be avoided with mosquito repellents, screens on window (very unpopular with most Dominicans), and if needed screens over your bed to keep you from getting bit at night (having a fan blowing on you works well too).

To try and combat the spread of this disease trucks have been driving up and down our street spraying mosquito spray into the air. So… if you hear a strange mechanical buzzing coming up your street you might want to consider shutting your windows for a while to keep the pesticide from concentrating in your house. While I’m not sure exactly what they are spraying, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be breathing in a cloud of the pesticide.

If you feel you might have contracted Dengue, there is not a whole lot the clinics and Hospitals can do but try to make you comfortable and keep you hydrated. Either way you should get your self checked out, but likely if you are able to keep water down and keep yourself hydrated you can probably do that at home instead of in a hospital bed.