Should I cancel my plans to visit the DR?

Many people have spent a lot of money planning for their dream vacation in the DR and are now wondering if they should cancel their plans because of hurricane Irene. While it doesn’t hurt to call the resort or hotel that you plan on staying at it is unlikely that there is a need to change your plans.

Buildings in the tourist areas, especially the resorts are constructed to withstand high winds and rain. The cute little thatch huts, umbrellas and other shelters near the beach are quickly rebuilt after a storm. During the storms businesses are shut down and locked up to protect the stores and restaurants. Islands like the DR get a lot of rain and wind at times and the business owners know how to keep things safe.

I’ve been talking with Philippe, the owner of La Residencia Del Paseo in Las Terrenas so see how things are going there. Las Terrenas is one of my favorite beach locations and is located on the North Shore of Samana, pretty much right in the path of Hurricane Irene.

Day of the Storm

During the storm which lasted for several days there was high winds and heavy rain. The majority of the businesses closed their stores for protection; of course La Residencia Del Paseo and other hotels remained open for their guests and did what they could to keep them comfortable while they waited out the storm. During this time there were power blackout. Philippe described the ocean as being “very Angry” and the water got close to Las Carretas Costera. Some of the other beaches like la playa Bonito suffered more extensive damage than the ones in Las Terrenas.

Hurricane Irene Cleanup

Businesses like La Residencia Del Paseo suffered no structural damage although there was some damage to their beautiful gardens. Philippe mentioned that some of the bushes were pushed over and of course there was a mess of debris from the wind which took several days to get completely cleaned up.

As of today, everything is back to normal. Las Terrenas is back to its beautiful self and visitors can look forward to having a great time here!