The Dominican Republic is one of the favorite locations for Eco-Tourists. People flock to the mountains of Jarabacoa for outdoor activities, and the beaches of Samana for Humpback Whale watching. While jarabacoa is great any time of year there is a distinct season for Whale Watching and that begins in January.

Humpback Whale watching Season

During the winter month the humpback whales begin their migration from the cold Northern feeding grounds of the Gulf of Maine and the east coast of Canada down to the warm waters of the Caribbean for their mating season. By mid winter, January the whales arrive and remain in the Caribbean through the early spring months. Mating season lasts from January to March and large numbers of Humpback whales can be seen in the waters near Samana of the Dominican Republic.

It is estimated that as many as 1500 whales mate in the waters of the Samana Bay and at any given time during the season there can be as many as 300 in the water giving sight seers and whale watches plenty of opportunity to take pictures and videos of the animals at relatively close distance.

Videos of Humback Whales in Samana

These videos will give you the idea of what you can expect if you head to Samana and take in a whale watching excursion. At times you are able to catch glimpses of younger whales as well as listen to the famous song of the humpback whale.

Endangered Species

The Humpback Whale is among the endangered species so there are strict laws on how close you can get to the animal as well as safety concerns. The whale watching excursions are well monitored to be sure that they comply with all the applicable laws and guidelines to ensure the safety of both the whale watches and the whales. When choosing an excursion boat, be sure you pick one that is licensed.

There are tour companies available that will pick you up at your hotel in Boca Chica, Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Bavaro and La Romana and provide a bus ride to Samana for the whale watching excursion. Most also offer lunch because it does take a bit of time to travel from these locations to the boat launch areas in Samana. You can also arrange to be on a tour in English as well as Spanish.