Villa Antonia Hotel

Villa Antonia Hotel

If you are looking to go to the Dominican Republic for the beaches, which I am guessing you are, they are after all the Dominican Republic’s biggest attraction. One of the places you are likely to see on the map is Sosua. It is right next to one of the biggest airports in the country, the Puerta Plata airport.

Within about fifteen minutes after leaving the airport you can find yourself swimming in the warm tropical waters of Sasua.  With the benefits of being so close to the airport comes hefty price tag. Eating or sleeping in Sosua is where they’ll get you. If you just came from the States you see a steak for 15 bucks or a hotel room for 100 bucks, you probably think nothing of it. Sure it might be a tiny bit higher that what you would pay for in the states, but not that much.

Yep, You’re Getting Ripped

That’s just what they want  you to think. These prices are normal. But. There not. They know they can get it out of you so they do. The average Dominican doesn’t pay 100 bucks for rent a month. He pays about 15 dollars for a weeks food. He’s not going to pay those prices for things.

That’s just where the trick lies, find out where the Dominican’s go. The problem is you normally are not going to find those places on the internet, that’s where you find the places with money. You have to ask the locals.

It is possible to to find hotels for as little as 15 bucks a night. No, it is not just some shack in the middle of nowhere, some of them are pretty nice. You just have to know which ones. It also helps if you speak Spanish, that will probably cut your price in half. If you don’t, sorry you’re just going to have to live with it.

Other Options – Villa Antonia

One place we went to that was reasonably priced was the Hotel Villa Antonia. It is about a 10 -15 walk away from the beach and is close to many restaurants and stores.

As you can see in the picture it is just big house divided into different rooms.  Going inside, it a nice welcoming feel to it. It was well decorated and felt like a nice home. There were many places to hang out, with lounge chairs, couches, decks, a swimming pool and even free WiFi.

The inside room our group had was very nice. It had a Full sized bed, TV, refrigerator, had plenty of room to move around in. It also was nicely decorated and had a very homey feel to it.

Can’t say the same for the outside room. It was much more cramped and shared a bathroom with another room. It had a full sized bed and a single bed. The single bed was nice enough, but the full sized was hard as a rock. Thankfully it had fans, but the light didn’t even work.

Over all I would say I would go back, it was a very nice place, but if all they have left is the outside rooms, I’m walking. It came a decent price of $30 a room. If you think you might be interested in staying there you can contact them with the following number.

Villa Antonia
(809) 571-1039