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As I travel through the Dominican Republic I collect business cards and the information about Hotels (both low cost and all inclusive) and resorts. While I often like to choose the lower cost motels and save my money for seeing the sights of whatever city I am in, I likewise like to spring for a room at an all-inclusive hotel at times.

As you browse through the hotel listings that we have compiled you will also see links to hotel reviews that we have written after staying in the hotel. The review consists of my impression of the hotel or all inclusive as well as the impression of my wife and family. Hotels can change management which often changes the quality of service, price and condition of the hotel, so I also include the date that I last stayed there.

Likewise, we are starting to collect a nice group of “perma-vacationers” (long term or permanent vacationers) that are writing reviews and articles for, so you will be able to find a variety of viewpoints on the various hotels and we are updating our list of reviews frequently.

Hotel prices range from the budget motels of $10 – $15 USD per night for the family to hundreds of dollars per night for some of the luxury motels and all inclusive hotels. The prices can also dramatically change depending on the time of year. We usually stay at the all-inclusive hotels during the off season when the prices drop from over $120 USD per night per person to as little as $20 – $30 USD per night per person.

When you figure in meals, drinks, the room and other activities offered it can actually turn out to be cheaper to stay at an all inclusive and be completely catered to then to stay at the lower priced hotels and then fend for yourself.

While we don’t need to fly in to visit the resort areas, there are some great deals out there that include your flight as well as the hotel.

So, if you are planning a visit to the DR, use our experience as (foreign) locals to help you pick the best places to go to and stay at. If you own a Hotel, Restaurant or other business that you would like me to write about email me. You can contact me at

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