Here in the Dominican Republic there are many things that you aren’t always used to. One of these things that we are not always used to is the fruit stands.

Now, there are some fruit stands in the U.S. and probably in other places too, but I doubt that they are like the fruit stands in the Dominican Republic. To start off, a quick description of the stands here, they are made of anything that you could think of, a lot of them being on the side of a house or in a house. But to make it even more different, there are also many that are just around. You never really know where all of them are because you never know if there will be another one tomorrow or if one is going to be out of materials, or out of business.

Many of the bigger cities really don’t have these fruit stands in a stationary place like the in smaller cities like Fantino, La Mata, and Rincon, but instead they have fruit stands on the move. Many times there will be a person with a bucket or a plate on his head going around to the different cars and buses offering fruit and other types of food.  and this is at almost every stoplight that you will find. Another common method is using a form of a bike that has been re-built to be able to fit large quantities of fruit, vegetables, soda, sugar cane, bags of candy, and basicly anything that you can think of. There is also a chance that you will run into a person that will be carrying cell phones along with card for them.

One thing that is always on the mind of people in the DR is “How much does it cost?” Unfortunately, in this country, you never really know how much its gonna cost. It all depends on if your white, if you can bargain with the guy, how much he bought it for, if the fruit is in season and if he bought the fruit at all.

There are many different types of fruit in the DR. A lot of the fruit that is here you have most likely see every day to fairly often. here they have pineapple, oranges, (even though that they are sour and are only meant for juicing and not for just plain eating), mango (even though that It only come twice a year), Pamelo, (which is like a giant grapefruit, except for the fact that it has much more fruit and tastes sweeter), Papaya ( which in my opinion is most excellent),  coconut (which is another thing that most vendors have here, and massive avocados which are about two to three time the size of the normal size in the U.S. all of this, depending on the fruit, cost less than 50 pesos (unless its out of season then it could be up to 70 or more pesos.)

So there are many interesting things in the Dominican Republic, many comical, and many fun to be around. And the fruit here its AWESOME!