What could be better than free minutes for your cell phone? OK, well I can think of a few things, however it’s still nice to get something that you use a lot of for free! Something that it is good to know is Claro gives “bonus” minutes when you purchase refills of a higher dollar (or peso) amount. often it seems tempting to just buy the minutes you think you’ll need and pick up more when you need them. Seems reasonable when here in the DR you can buy your Claro, Viva, and Orange minutes at almost any comado. Usually in increments of 50, 100, or 150 pesos. But there are advantages of buying higher amounts. Bonus Minutes!

Right now (Dec 2010) if you purchase 120 RD of minutes you get and extra 20 RD free. Buy 150 RD and you get 50 RD of minutes free and 250 RD gets you free minutes worth 150 RD. Being that cell phone minutes are only good for a month, its best not to purchase more cell phone minutes than you think you can use in a month.

While this particular incentive is only good for a short while Claro gives free refill minutes on a regular basis so its good to watch for these specials and try to recharge your phone when a special is running. Often Claro also give bonus minutes when you purchase the minutes and have them applied to your phone directly instead of purchasing prepaid phone cards and applying the minutes by entering the pin number in your phone.

Claro also has a plan where you can choose one person and subscribe to a plan for 50 pesos a year. For that subscription price you can make unlimited free call to that cell number for a year. To subscribe to this service you enter *777# and then the number you want to subscribe to.