Dominican Fruit Stand

Dominican Fruit Stand

So, How much does it cost to cook a meal in the Dominican Republic? During the eight years my family lived in the Dominican Republic we managed to stay on a low budget of about $100 per person per month for food. that was only possible sticking to a very Dominican Diet.

To give you an idea of some of the food prices, this is a rundown of average prices to make Habichuelas dulce, a dominican holiday favorite as stated by the Dominican Central bank. Of course prices will very depending on where you live.

Items for Habichuelas Dulce (Dominican Sweet Beans)

  • One pound of beans costs around RD$55
  • brown sugar is RD$24
  • a can of coconut milk is between RD$35 and RD$50
  • evaporated milk (315g) is about RD$45
  • a pound of sweet potato varies between RD$17 and RD$24 according to quantity and quality and where you live,
  • spices like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg cost RD$30 per sachet
  • Dominican cookies are from RD$7 to RD$32
  • vanilla 8 oz costs RD$19 for white and RD$25 for brown
  • raisins cost up to RD$110 for a small box

Buying Fish at a SuperMercado (Sumermarket or Colmado (family store)

Of course buying a cooked fish dinner at one of the beach restaurants will cost more usually between RD$300 to RD$500 but if you plan on cooking it at home these are the average prices according to the Central Bank:

  • One pound of codfish ranges from RD$147 to RD$278
  • herring is around RD$100 to RD$274
  • a pound of eggplant costs RD$16
  • a pound of dorado fish is RD$140
  • hake is between RD$65 and RD$80
  • tilapia from RD$70 to RD$85
  • salmon fillet starts at RD$260
  • arite, depending on quality, costs at least RD$200
  • a can of low-cost tuna can be between RD$40 and RD$60

Most of the locally grown produce prices very by the season and where you live. If the produce is grown a distance away and needs to be trucked in it could cost considerably more. Farmers who have more produce that what they can sell in their local towns often drive it down to one of the larger towns that server as a hub and sell it to the vegetable markets, then colmado owners in nearby towns go to these markets to stock up for their colmados. I’ve seen the same size pinaple rance from RD$20 to RD$90-100 depending on where you live. If you are doing some traveling it is often a good idea to pick up some local produce while you are out.

Things like mangos, platano, yuca, avacado, etc will vary in price depending on the season and how good the crop was that year.