Dancing is more of an institution that a past time here in the DR. Walk down the streets in the evening (if it is safe in your area) and you will hear music coming from dozens of different sources. While often the night club music (there will be at least a couple in every town) dominates the night air, much of the music will be coming from houses lining the streets.

As you pass by even the 2 year olds are learning to shake their booties to the music. Parties and gatherings are usually dominated by dancing. You pretty much see it everywhere.

So it is no surprise to see the First International Bachata Festival being held in Santo Domiingo February 24 – 27 2011. This festival is dedicated to the Dominican Style of Bachata or DomiBachata. DomiBachata?? Well, you probably need to go to the Festivals website if you want a good explaination of Domibachata. Below you will find a video illustrating this form of Bachata.