Kanny Full Cream Powdered Milk

Dominican Powdered Milk

Normally you can find condensed milk at almost any colmado in the Dominican Republic. Evaporated milk though usually requires you hunt down a “super marcado” or super market. But unlike the non-fat powdered milk you find in the United States, the full cream powdered milk that you usually find in the Dominican Republic can make a pretty good evaporated milk.

Evaporated milk is essentially milk with about half the water (50 – 60% or the water removed). You can make your own evaporated milk with Dry powdered milk. While in the U.S dry milk is usually non-fat, that is not the case in the Dominican Republic. The whole powdered milk(Leche Entera en Polvo) you find here makes a very good evaporated milk.

If you are in the Dominican Republic using the full cream milk powder you usually find here check the directions on the package first, but usually a three parts water to 2 parts milk powder works well to produce a good evaporated milk substitute, For instance Kanny says to mix 3 parts water to 1 part milk powder for normal milk so 2/3 cup Kanny full cream milk powder to about 1 cup water will yield good results (Normal milk is 1/3 cup powdered milk to 1 cup water.

Like the milk you get in the States each brand of powdered milk has its own taste. We have tried several with good results. Some of the most popular brands in the Dominican Republic are Milex, Dano, Nido and .Kanny.

For best results use cool water start with half as much water as you plan on using. Dissolve the milk powder into the water and then add the rest of the water. This method seems to work the best in keeping the milk from clumping. The milk can be used right away but it actually tastes a bit better if you let it stand a little while before using.