Something to consider if you plan on buying a bike in the DR is to pick up a security system while you are still in the states. You are going to be parking your motorcycle or scooter on the streets frequently and it is pretty easy to steal these smaller bikes.

When parking my bike I always lock the front wheel (move the handle bars to the left and lock so that the bike can only go in circles if pushed), but that is only a deterrent. Two guys can easily grab the front handle bars and walk your bike down the street disappearing in a few seconds. For additional security if I am not in a area with a lot of people around I will run a bike lock through the back tire and over the seat to keep people from lifting the front tire and walking off.

Motorcycle Alarms

A motorcycle alarm adds additional security. These security systems incorporate motion detection as well as a voltage drop protection. If someone manages to brake the locks (which can be done pretty easily) and turns on the ignition (also not too difficult), the drop in voltage when they start the bike will fire the alarm. If they try to pick up the bike and through it in the back of a truck the movement will also set off the bikes alarm.

Most of the alarms are hidden under the seat, the person would have to tear the bike apart to get to the alarm unit. They incorporate a sufficiently loud piezo alarm to alert you while you are in the store. This detection of movement will also alert you if someone is starting to mess with your bike (trying to steal parts). While not perfect, these give you one more layer of protection.

Motorcycle Alarm Prices

The best part is that most of these alarms are pretty cheap. I the states I’ve seen them as low as $50, although the large ones for expensive bikes can reach up to a couple hundred dollars. I my opinion the more expensive units are not going to do you that much good in the Dominican Republic. Features like GMS don’t do you a lot of good when it can be quickly removed when they get somewhere a little more private, besides the chances of getting the police to help you find your bike is pretty slim in the DR.

Make sure you choose one that has motion detection. Likely motion detection is going to be the most useful feature. If the bike is moved the alarm goes off making a lot of noise. You should never leave your bike out of ear rang any way when you are out traveling. When you are home it should be securely locked somewhere.

You can find a pretty good list of manufacturers for motorcycle alarms on the motorcycle alarms page of NorCal Alarms security site. With this list you can research online places to pick up a bike alarm. The small price is worth the extra security you get.