Boca Chica Ocean View

The Dominican Republic is an amazing a place to visit and have your next holidays, I personally know that because I live there and I perfectly understand why this is a natural paradise in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic is the main destination in the Caribbean and a top exotic destination in the world. In regards to beaches –most of them are located in all-inclusive hotels and resorts are a natural marvelous with white sands and crystal water.

If you visit the eastern provinces of the Dominican Republic you can take a boat to the Catalina Island which is a very colorful paradise and is part of the territory of the Dominican Republic. While you are moving over there, it takes about 30 minutes or less, you start realizing that in the middle of the sea between the Dominican Republic and Catalina Island crystalline parts where you can clearly see the button of the sea. It is incredible the way you can see that and the beauty of this place. When you arrive to the Catalina Island immediately you see you are experiencing a marvelous delight.

I think the beaches of the Dominican Republic are the most beautiful beaches of the world. Definitely are the best in the Caribbean and are visited every year by tourists from Europe, Canada and United States but its beauty and exquisiteness are incredible. Beaches in the Dominican Republic are basically divided in those which are located in the north of the country –touristic zone of Puerto Plata-, those that are located in the south of the country –basically in provinces such as San Cristobal, Bani and Barahona- and those that are located in the eastern zone of the Country such as Bavaro, Juan Dolio, Boca Chica and more.

-Wonderful paradise with white sands: Sand is so white in the beaches of the Dominican Republic that you will be enticed to eat it.

– Dazzling sun: This is one of the greatest attractive of the beaches in the Dominican Republic. American, Canadian and European girls love make topless sleeping in the sand and exposing their bodies in the sun.

– Secure place even in the water: Beaches of the Dominican Republic are very secure places and police is everywhere controlling the perimeter of the beaches and preventing any kind of difficulties. That’s why visitants of the beaches in the Dominican Republic feel fine and they are protected for enjoying their holidays.

– Moderate waves: In the Dominican Republic you can find beaches that despite its beauty are amazing for water sports such as surfing, but there are also beaches where you can enjoy a lot for water and are perfect for swimming.

– Very clean places: The government of the Dominican Republic is making a huge endeavor to provide always a safe and clean place.